We are looking for more BukkitDev volunteers!

Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Dec 19, 2012.

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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    Bukkit takes great pride in providing the community with plugins that are free from malicious code through our plugin hosting site, BukkitDev. This commitment to the community means we need to have many talented and dedicated individuals available to help us with file and project approvals around the clock and around the world.

    Due to amount of hard work, time, and dedication it takes to provide this service to the community, we are looking for more talented, trustworthy individuals to help us keep approval times low. Developers want to see their plugins approved regularly and within a reasonable amount of time, while server admins want to be able to download the latest version of the plugins they use as quickly as possible.

    Applicants must:
    • Have Java experience
    • Have submitted at least one plugin to BukkitDev that is not a basic generic plugin
    • Be a good community member
    • Be able to connect to and be readily available on IRC (Esper)
    If you think you would be a good fit in our BukkitDev Approval Team and would like to help us keep the queue moving at a reasonable pace, we invite you to submit an application to join our team of dedicated individuals who tirelessly go through hundreds of projects and files each week. Please apply at bukkitdev -dash- applications -at- bukkit -dot- org with the details below:

    The subject of your email should be:
    BukkitDev Application: [Username]
    The body of your email should be:
    Location and Timezone:
    Bukkit Forums Username:
    BukkitDev Username:
    IRC Username:
    Why do you feel you would make a good BukkitDev Staff member?
    When are you available to dedicate time to BukkitDev?
    Have you used BukkitDev before to host your projects? If so, provide links!
    (Hint: Ctrl+Shift+V pastes without formatting...)

    As we're fully aware of how much delays within the Approval Queue affect plugin developers and server admins alike, we've decided to promote someone intimately familiar with the approval process to the role of BukkitDev Team Lead. Effective immediately, Gravity's sole responsibility is to ensure your experience with BukkitDev is a fantastic one. As part of his new role, he'll be actively handling BukkitDev Approval Team applications and managing the BukkitDev Approval Team.

    Please join me in congratulating Gravity on his new role and responsibilities!
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    Applications are always open.
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    Did every H31IX tahg turn into Gravity?
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    Yup he did.
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    Nope, they'll link to me though.
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    Can you email us statuses about where we are in the process?
    I emailed mine quite a while back, not sure where I stand.
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    If you've been accepted, you'll know. Otherwise, your app is just being considered. There's no denials, as we use all of them for future updates. Subsequently, there's no real status for us to email, and if we were to try and do so it would take wayyy too long.
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    I applied about a month ago when I had no plugins up, I have 3 now that I converted from my hmod days into bukkit plugins. I just reapplied thinking the first one didn't go through, then saw other people had to wait even longer.
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    As far as I understand, this hiring 'period' is over. They don't like to give direct answers, but instead are very vague.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    We can only bring on so many people at a time before we are spending all our time training and not handling the queue. As well, we get hundreds of applications and do not always have time to get back to someone when we feel they are not a good fit. Even with that said, we keep those applications around and revisit them during times when we need more staff.
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    Hoolean Retired Staff


    Out of interest are you thinking of hiring any moderators soon for the forums?

    That has long been my dream :p
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    Keep dreaming, boy.

    Kidding, It would be nice to see some new faces around the forums.
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    This is like a daily occurrence, multiple times per day.
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    Gravity That is worse than paparazzi, because they ask for help. More like a zombie apocalypse.
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    I get a help PM every other day
    *gomeow fears what would happen to his inbox if he was a moderator*
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

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    TnT Retired Staff

    Please make sure you have sent in an application if you wish to be considered for a DBO staff position.
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    Sent email :) just waiting for reply :)
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    lol768 Retired Staff

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    For some reason I think I sent to the wrong email, is it possible for someone like a admin to tell me if I did it right.
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    If you got an auto-reply to your email, it got sent correctly.
    I don't see an email from you here.
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    I got the automated email, thanks gravity for the help and it's a little late but congrats.
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    Never too late for congratulations, thank you.
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    Haha no problem.
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    is there say a recommended requirements to be 'more' considered for staff? Well not official just in your opinion

    also how much is your gravity i heard its ~10N/m? xD
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    Be yourself. Yes, it works for applications as well as dates.
    We aren't looking for people to suck up to us or treat us like their best pals just to get on staff. Indeed, the more you do to signal to us that you really really want staff shows us that you're just doing it for the status. Sending in an app is all you need to do show us you're willing.

    Outside of that, you should be active on the forums, IRC, and anything else you believe yourself to be helpful in. Don't force yourself to be helpful to people because that's just annoying, and don't spend every waking moment on IRC responding to every remark. Just be available and friendly.
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    those people...
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    How fast do you guys process your applications? Im still waiting to hear back. Im not complaining, I just want to know when to expect an email back.
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    Gravity Retired Staff

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    You don't get a email back...
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