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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ZachBora, May 6, 2011.

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    We've been getting these since maybe 1.4 but it's been a lot worse since 1.5. The log just fills with about 40 of this event within the same second and causes major log and the user usually gets disconnected.

    We had MCCheat and this problem was still present. I decided to remove it and problem was still present.
    We had fly disabled until yesterday and it kept crashing the server when people used flymod. (well it's what we thought). So we enabled flying yesterday.

    But same problem happening today. I tried to google but it seems pretty vague and I dont see how to fix this.

    We're running on linux, that's about all we can get. We're using minecraft-servers.com hosting services.
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    This happens when large groups of people teleport or use speed boosting mods. The system cant figure your coordinates quickly enough. Not sure if there is a solution mate but why not trying to disable all of the plugins that do that and see of you get any.
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    I suppose you're served is having a hard time trying push the chunks to the client and updating them.
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    Yeah exactly what i said, its tough trying to do all chunks especially when you have multiple people online all zipping around, i would suggest more RAM perhaps
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