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    I'm looking for two working plugins. First one is...
    The Warn Plugin
    /warn [player] [reason] = warns the player
    /warns = List users warns = [warned by] [date] [reason]
    /warns [player]
    Each warn gets removed after 30 days.
    Every warn they get a fine configable.
    In the config you can also edit what you punishment you want you number of warns.
    Ex: 3 warns = temp ban

    Chat Plugin
    /sound toggle = toggles sound
    If a name is said and sound toggle is not off, it will make a sound to the user.
    If they get messaged it's the same thing.
    Command is allowed for everyone except people with a permission.
    If they user has that permission it will also ping the sounds from the config like staff or help.

    If you can add the perms to It would be great.
    Thank you!
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    I can start on the chat plugin right away but
    i wont start on the warn plugin.
    If im done with the chat plugin ill put a link for download below.
    - Ridan
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    Thanks man!
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    [quote uid=90800316 name="teamades" post=2490410]Thanks man![/quote]
    Okay, Plugin is 99% done just gotta do a little bit work on the config, heres what the plugin does:
    - As asked, alerts people when theyre name is called
    - Ignores color codes
    - With a permission, admins can toggle other peoples sound state
    - People can always change theire own state
    - Config including: Defaultstate, Allowadmin
    - Sound is firework explosion (little bit edited)
    - And a couple more features
    Defaultstate is the state ur sound is when you join. (on/off)
    Allowadmin allow admins changing peoples state. (true/false)

    EDIT: Admins toggle peoples state by doing:
    /sound <on/off/toggle> <player>

    There ya go! <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Ive tested it BUT not the final update.
    The final update is just a config thingy, and should work.
    If there are any problems, Just PM me :)

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