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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Flopfleee, Mar 7, 2021.

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    Plugin category: MISK

    Minecraft Version: 1.16.5

    Suggested name: Wardrobe Plugin

    What I want: I'd like a plugin where players can do a command for example /wardrobe that opens a gui where players can store armour sets in. Like hypixel skyblocks one. Players can swap and take out armour sets. Each player has their own gui for their armour sets.

    Ideas for Commands: /wardrobe

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible
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    This sounds like an interesting plugin to develop, however sadly I have no idea at all how Hypixel Skyblocks wardrobe works, so would you be able to explain it here and possibly post a screenshot for reference on how it looks like.
    Thank you :)

    Kinds regards
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    Players can do /wardrobe which opens a menu like this and can place their armour sets in their. Once they’ve placed their armour sets they can click the grey dye on the bottom to equip it and it equips it for them. They can change the armor pieces around also. (Make sure that duping isn’t possible lol)

    Thanks so much

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    I've been working on this plugin for the last few days and it's now almost identical to the one Hypixel has. There are still certain things that I need to improve/do, however since I'm not sure how much time I will have throughout this week and since you listed the time frame to "As soon as possible" I will release the current version I have and later on update it to fully satisfy your needs.

    So on the Hypixel wardrobe functions as kind of an "outfit" selector where you can save different armor sets and put them on while they still stay in the wardrobe inventory. I already have a basic idea on how to do it, but still need to implement it.

    At the moment the wardrobe functions as an "extra inventory" where you can only store armor. You have the same system of slots and saving different armor in different slots, however if you put the item in the wardrobe, it gets removed from your inventory.

    With the gray dye button you swap your current inventory set (if any equipped) with the one in the slot associated to gray dye item. The items from slots will be directly equipped.

    There are two methods of moving items in and out of wardrobe. First is through gray dye which swaps/places in your current armor set and second is through manually putting armor in its respective slot. Be aware that at the moment you can only move items manually in/out with LEFT CLICK (shift+left click, right click doesn't work). This functionality will be extended in the future.

    Command is as requested /wardrobe

    As I said, I will continue working on this next weekend when I get some more time. I have tested this plugin quite a bit, however I still suggest that you give it a test run before pushing it live.

    If you have any issues, questions or further requests, feel free to post them here and I'll reply as soon as possible ^-^

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    This plugin is amazing thank you, I have 1 request and that is to add it so player heads can be put in the wardrobe since most of my custom armor have player heads as helmets. And I'm excited for when you implement the showing in wardrobe and equipped armor. When equipping the armor set the grey dye turns green if you could add that for my ocd satisfaction.

    Thanks very much - Flop
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    I've spent some time today to turn this plugin around and I have now made it so that it's almost exactly like Hypixel. You have armor sets, which you can toggle to equipped or not, you can't modify equipped sets, etc...

    I suggest giving this plugin a test run before deploying it anywhere live. I did quite some testing, but I could've easily missed something.

    As always, I'll be doing some back-end performance improvements whenever I get some time, but I believe this version should be the exact thing you requested in the start. In case any feature is missing, feel free to post it here and I'll implement it ^-^

    Kind regards

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    This plugin is amazing and I deeply am grateful for this but the only problem is that you cannot put player heads in. If you could modify it to allow this then it would be perfect otherwise thanks very much.

    - Flop
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    Thank you for the kind words. Also that's weird. I though that I enabled support for the heads, but looks like something went wrong. I'll look into it tonight and post the fixed plugin here (I will just edit this message and attach the new file instead of posting a new one). Update/fix should be here in max 8 hours ^-^

    Kind regards

    PS: As promised I am attaching the fixed version which should allow any head to be put in as a helmet. I tested it and it should work just fine, however in case of any issues, don't hesitate to mention it here.

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    Ayt thanks very much, this community is better because of people like you.
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    This plugin is working perfectly except that sometimes whenever players swap between armor sets in the gui it can replace that armor set with that other one. For example, the enchanted leather armor with the player head there was only 1 of them and the first slot was a different armor set. When I went to equip the leather armor one it replaced that slot 1 armor set with the leather armor one. If possible, could you fix this. Otherwise this is amazing and thanks.
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    Glad to hear you like it.
    About the bug that you mentioned, could you provide the steps to reproduce it, since I have been switching between full and empty armor sets for some time, but the bug never occurred.

    Kind regards
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    If a player is wearing an armor set and they click the grey dye of an empty set it will get rid of the armor they are wearing.
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    Also this is a different bug the first bug I mentioned was just due to server lag. However the second bug is an actual bug.
  14. I tried using this plugin and when i use the command it says "an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command"
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    same here
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    will update?
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    This is amazing! But it's only work in later version, can I have the source code or pom.xml, I will try to continue it, thanks! ^ - ^
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    config file is empty dude? How do i edit?

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    tried this plugin exactly at this moment for my RPG server powered by elitemobs it works fine!! even no config but thats what we want! changing armor on the go!
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    @NewtyMan @NewtyMan
    Hi your plugin is awesome but theres one problem. If you unequip all armor sets then put armor, then you equip a armor set from the wardrobe it will replace the previous armor and you will completely lose it.
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    Hello, I wanted to program this plugin, even if someone has already programmed it. Players can open their wardrobe with the command /wardrobe and the permission wardrobe.wardrobe. All messages are saved in the config.yml located in the Wardrobe-folder of your plugin directory and can be changed as you wish. Furthermore, my plugin is available for the versions 1.8.8-1.17. If you want me to change something to fit your needs, just reply. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/wardrobe.93794/
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    Works great! It would be nice to see permission based number of max pages (or number of wardrobes, on your choice)
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