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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Milkywayz, Aug 4, 2012.

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    Hi so basically the past few days i've been working on a enchanting plugin aiming to release right after a recommended build is promoted.​
    The idea is to generally make enchantments worse, but have it all configurable. Also allow a "Wildcard" which is just a random chance you will get something really good with your enchant. All the enchant code is executed right after the EnchantItemEvent and it calls another custom event too. Basically the idea is the changes happen so quick noone would notice their enchantment was swapped. ​
    The project name is StrictEnchants however the name can change. The project is licensed under GPL and anyone is encouraged to create a pull request via github so you can add to the code. If you contribute a decent amount you may be made a contributor on bukkitdev and a collaborator on github.​
    Github - Fork the repo and develop in your IDE​
    Jenkins - Requires you to sign up​
    All help is greatly appreciated, The reason I ask for help is because the Algorithm.java's values may be too harsh, or i made mistakes. Accepting pull requests will greatly improve quality of code if you haven't tested live yet. ​
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