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    No one ever looks at the votifier sub forums so i figured i would post one here. I am looking for a votifier listener that will remind players that haven't voted in 24 hours every minute to vote. So basically it forces players to vote so we can get more votes. Thanks :)

    Anyone :( i would really like this on my server. I am trying to learn java and all I can think of is to work off of the flatfilelistener to scan every 30seconds-1miniute to see if any players that are online haven't voted in the past 24 hours, and if they haven't to notify them in chat.

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    All spamming your users will do is make them leave
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    JOPHESTUS not really spamming, just friendly reminders :)
  4. Here, Just get a announcer then mess with it then change it what you want it to be then bamm, its not the plugin you would like to see but who care's live isn't perfect. you can now stop bugging people about making this plugin.
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    Yes, because sending players a message every minute until they vote is not spamming at all...
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    Not really. I'm not sure if it was you who previously opposed a similar vote reminder request, but regardless, this isn't necessarily true. If you own a larger server, this would be beneficial. Even if you own a small, tightly-knit server, this will be successful. You can't assume that this will make all the users leave.

    This is extremely unhelpful and doesn't give an answer. At all.

    So, as Sushi would say...

    No. Just no.
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  8. Wow i already got the reminder from np98765, don't need to hear it again.
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    Sushi since you know java can you give this a try <3
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    Votifier listeners act upon a vote coming in. Its not an announcement system. Basically, when a vote comes in, you can have it say "Remember! Vote every 24 hours!" but it will not be able to announce the message for players to vote based on a timer.

    You're looking for one of the many announcement plugins to do this task.
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    They won't complain, they just wont come back.
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    Well, couldn't you have a listener and a plugin working together? Once a user votes, their name is added to the listener's database for 24 hours. The plugin reads this database and sends a message to every online user not in the database.
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    Sure, that could work. Seems like a complicated way of reproducing announcement plugins, and would have limited use.
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    It would definitely have limited use. It would exclusively be used for this.

    The whole point is reminding users to vote. The downside with announcement plugins is that if the user has already voted, they're still going to be reminded to vote.
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    Chat channels. They have great multipurpose uses.

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