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    could u create vote ban for x min plugin?
    Voting pass when for yes will be more than 50%
    Offline security.
    From one IP can connect only one character.
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    I'd be careful about this, vote-anything functions can be very prone to abuse. Sorry if this is a bit off topic, just saying.
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    Ryan Carretta

    How would this work for offline players? In other words, say you have 40 active people playing your server, but maybe only 8 on at one time. To ban a player would you need a vote of 5/8 people online currently? I don't think is well conceived, but that's just my original inclination.
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    You could recalculate the ban based on current online or something.

    When someone disconnects their vote is removed and when someone connects they are informed of the current ban votes.
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    This would be working like votekick in Counter-Strike
    This plugin is useful againts grifers
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    There is votekick in mcBans if that's close enough...
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    not ;p beacause grefer can reconnect
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    Just ask firestar about this then, you'd probably want a voteban which did a temp local ban so the admin can sort things out if something went wrong. E.g a group abused the system to ban someone
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    Yes this is some like vote /tempban in mcbans

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