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    Plugin category:

    Minecraft version: 1.8

    Suggested name: VoidChest

    What I want: I want a plugin where when you place a chest, and you put items in the chest, it would sell the items after x seconds, the prices would be defined in the config. the money would be sent to the placer of the chest, doesn't matter which player put the item in there. if possible, could you make it so it works with hoppers as well?

    Maybe add message customization in the config? so for example you could edit what the name of the chest could be, the messages when you get a voidchest, etc...

    Ideas for commands:
    Admin commands: /voidchest (player) {if the player is not set, it would give it to who executed the command, but if there is a player, then give it to the player specified.} {works with console.}

    Ideas for permissions:
    voidchest.use {must have this permission to use the voidchest, if the placer of the chest doesn't have that permission, it would be a normal chest.}

    voidchest.give {ability to use /voidchest} {this ONLY works with giving the executor of the command.}

    voidchest.give.others {ability to ONLY use /voidchest (player)} {if he only has permission to

    voichest.give.others then he can't give himself a voidchest by doing /voidchest (his name)}

    When I'd like it by: ASAP, no hurries.
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    @Amar_Craft_MCYT Would you like a 'prices.yml' file where all items exist with a price? If not how would you like it?
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    @KarimAKL prices.yml is good, i said above in the config, but prices.yml would make it easier
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    @Amar_Craft_MCYT Sorry that it's taking a while but i should almost be done now.

    EDIT: Sorry but the "almost be done" was if everything went as i wanted it but i can't seem to get the items correctly and if i let it be as it is right now, you would be able to get a lot more money than you are meant to get which would break the plugin.
    Sorry but i won't be able to make the plugin. :/
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