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  1. Basically the name of my server is VOD which stands for something I'm not too sure of yet... my server is going to be an MMORPG server something a bit like Wynncraft, Something I want for my server that will begin the making process once this plugin has been finished is a plugin that can add custom enchants to the game! For example look at the plugin (Custom Enchants) I know... your probably saying... "JUST USE THAT IDIOT!" But I don't want to because I want things that they don't have... I would love for this plugin to be made for me it would be a huge plus to my server like HUGE. Now on to the plugin itself

    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: VOD Enchants

    What I want: Heres a basic example ok
    • Barbed
    • When touched your attacker receives slowness 2 and poison 2 for 4 seconds while you gain a speed boost of 2 because of your adrenaline rush after being attacked
    • (Can be put on items by use of enchantment table)
    • The max level for all enchants are just 1, basically you enchant them in a enchant table and you have a certain chance you gain VOD Enchant
    • There are rareities...
    • Average, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary
    • 30% for the barbed skill to be applied by use of table and it is a uncommon type.
    • Another thing is if possible within the plugin if you could use the command below /VOD give, to give a player a enchant and this enchant will be on a enchantment book for example...
    • /VOD give bulldogmax Barbed
    • This would give them a enchanted book with this enchant which can be put onto a item!

      Ideas for commands:
    • /VOD help
    • /VOD enchant
    • /VOD takeaway
    • /VOD reload
    • /VOD give
    • VOD help gives all the enchants available for a item type
    • example- Diamondhelmet (BARBED) etc etc

      Ideas for permissions:
    • vod.give
    • vod.help
    • vod.enchant
    • vod.reload
    • vod.takeaway

      When I'd like it by: ASAP But take all the time you need!
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