VisualPermissions - A GUI editor for Permissions 3.x and PermissionsBukkit (Pail Support!)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Acrobot, Jul 15, 2011.

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    As you may know, setting up permissions manually is hard =)

    This tool helps you edit Permissions 3 or Permissions config without ANY troubles.
    (GroupManager's groups work well with Permissions 3 preset =D )

    How to use:
    Double click the .jar file.
    If that doesn't work, execute "java -jar VisualPermissions.jar"

    To start editing, click "Load Permissions configuration".
    Choose your Permissions WORLD FOLDER and click "open"
    Then, after modifications, just click "Save Permissions configuration"
    PAIL version:
    Just drop the .jar into plugins folder :)

    If you open your generated files, they may seem different, but believe me, it just looks different, but works flawlessly :)

    YEAH, go Open Source!
    As everything I do, VisualPermissions is Open Source too :)

    Bukkit team - for Configuration class​
    SnakeYAML authors - for their parser​
    @koolblue87 - for very nice suggestions :)

    15-08-2011 - Added Permission editing, automatically selects the next permission while you're deleting the old ones, you can now modify selected permission by right-clicking​
    23-07-2011 - Added PermissionsBukkit support, re-written everything, added new features, etc.​
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    Hmm, as far as I can see, you can just paste permissions in the box :)

    Also -> specifying permission nodes in plugin.yml isn't necessary, but many people do that to define default permissions or permissions like*
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    THANK YOU! Omg dude thanks a ton! I actually didnt think that you would update it :p. But thanks for making the attempt! Looking forward to the update!
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    Great plugin! But, please, pleasepleasepleaseplease add inheritance support. Please.
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    Yep, it's there :p
    I just need to find a good way to manage multiple groups though.
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    Hello im using multi craft and i dont know how to get the world file. help?
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    no it say perms bukkit support. but what if i have pex, which is a bridge. can i use that
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    Well, there is a PEX setting to choose, but I don't know if it works.
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    u made it.... and u dont know if it works..... -_- ok then

    Seems to work fine in pex. ty makes life simpler

    nvm. when in pex i save nothing happens

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    It makes changes to the permissions.yml file in the permissionsEx folder. You need to type /pex reload (ingame)
    or pex reload on the console to get the changes to take effect.
    VP lacks multiworld support, so if it's to be revised that might be worth looking at.
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    u didnt answer my question/problem.? my problem is that in thi mods interface when i hit the save button it doesnt
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    Does it already contains EssentialsGroupManager???
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    what ever happened to this?
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    As far as I remember, yeah. But the project is dead at the moment.

    Well, the project is dead at the moment and I've yet to find some time to revive it - sorry.
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    It wont allow me to save the configuration file with permissionsex ?
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    Very Nice Tool. Helped me a lot to make my ranks. AND IS MUCH FASTER than the manual way
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    Acrobot Does this need to be run as admin?

    Acrobot Errr, May I ask why It won't let me save my config? (No output!)

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    This is extremely helpful for me, thanks a ton. But, the above feature would make me want to hug you. (Right now I am just shaking your hand.)

    Works for me :)

    Awesome :) Hope this is soon, would make adding permissions for things such as WorldEdit or WorldGuard or any plugin with a ton of permissions a lot easier.

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    Well, Doesn't "Save Configuration" save it? o-o
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    Well mine doesn't work D: Ah well.
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    Have you tried redownloading? (Never know, something might have screwed up during your download.)
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    yea. Its fine though, I got it to work once, that's enough for me -- Now i have a format to follow :p although I gotta go freak out over PEX :\
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    Hey Acrobot, This is a really nice release but i only have a few things things to request with you!
    1) to be able to do [Prefix][Suffix] for both the group and the player
    2) and lastly being able to add custom permissions to a player :D!
    3) i almost forgot!! could you do lastly(i hope) add in what group inherits from what group :)!


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    Hey, the project's dead at the moment. I don't have time to revive it, maybe some time later. Thanks for suggestions though :)
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    Thank u so much for this dude <3 I just love it
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    Actium Praetor

    Yes I am, and thanks to Acro for opening his project's source so we can all see its inner workings. :D
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  28. This is a great editor! Just to let all users know, to import a permissions .yml file, put it in a folder and then select the folder in the editor.
    Great job, Acrobot! I'd like these features implemented into the editor (or if there is some easy Java way to code them):
    1. Inheritance
    2. True/False Permissions
    3. Permissions for Players
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