Various Source Gamemodes [Looking for Help]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by XDSiLeNtKiLlXD, Dec 5, 2013.

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    Hey There,

    Im working on a few minigames from various source games like CStrike and Gmod. I will post more once iv made some more progress. However i am looking for some help as im still learning Java and having a experienced partner is always good. SO if you like these kind of minigames, please Contact me any help is appreciated :D

    - Silent
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    So, you're new to java and trying to develop a complex plugin? Not a good mix.
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    Correction. New to java + plugins isn't a good mix.
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    Not2EXceL xTrollxDudex

    Correction: I never said im new to Java, i just said im learning :p. Im a logical thinker, complexity isnt a problem for me, just things like writing a hashmap or Array to the config give me some problems. Im also writing a MainMenu plguin for a versitile GUI Menu that offers various options and info, if you want i can give you guys a look to change your mind :D
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