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Are you ready for UUIDs ?

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    Okay soo everyone in the world is biting there nails right now

    soo i figured i would write this in the hopes that i could help my self out and possibly alota people to

    heres a list of plugins that i myself use and i know alota other people probably use too

    if anyone can provide links or info about Updates to UUID support for these plugins that would help me out alot and probably help alot of other people too

    heres my list

    - essentials - all plugins
    - factions
    - mcore
    - multiverse core
    - votifier

    48 views and not a single reply, i feel soo special right now

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    If you're looking for plugin updates it should be the best thing to look at the plugin's BukkitDev page...
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    killyouslow No one is going to make an update for them. The development teams/devs of all the plugins are probably working on UUID support. So either be patient or go find a plugin to replace it.
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    can someone atleast please direct me to a plugin that maybe wont allow peeps to join who changed there names? like maybe something that is like hey you cant join untill you change ur name back ?
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    I'm not ready yet, but starting to. It seems like it will be a mess though in short term.
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    You can't even change your name, yet...
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