[Util] FireworkEffectPlayer v1.0

Discussion in 'Resources' started by codename_B, Dec 30, 2012.

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    I'm using 1.7.5 and its not working... Don't have any crashes in the console, but the firework not work...
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    Jheez don't make it hard for him, he already stated he is using 'try' , bro xD

    Why.. is this in.. bPermissions?

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    So this is a little strange, but on occasion the firework effect won't actually play. Now if there were multiple, I could understand since you pointed out the limit for the client, however this is a single explosion :/
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    Dont... we all know that we ain't cats?
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    He probably put it in there to test it.

    Don't use this, just spawn a firework and call .detonate() on it. This was made before that method existed.
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    Garris0n Yup. And (no harm meant) but .detonate() is actually better than this method though this came out first.
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    THANKS SO MUCH! Before finding this i thought it was impossible!
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    I am trying to use this class, but when I try to trigger a firework nothing happens.

    Here is my code:
        public void fireWork(Player p) throws Exception{
            FireworkEffect fe = (FireworkEffect.builder().withColor(Color.RED).with(Type.BALL_LARGE).build());
            FireworkEffectPlayer fplayer = new FireworkEffectPlayer();
            fplayer.playFirework(p.getWorld(), p.getLocation(), fe);
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    Do you know where current info is?
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