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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by darthteddy1, Oct 28, 2015.

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    I saw a plugin that said it was "Open Source" I see the source on GIT Hub, but how would I get all the files into eclipse to edit them, then re-export them?

    Thanks in advance!
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    There's probably a better resolution but I usually use git clone or copy and paste.

    edit: You can also download the complete source from the GitHub page.
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  3. @darthteddy1
    You could either do what @Hawktasard said or click the "Download ZIP" button somewhere on the home page of a github project.
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    You could also use Maven. (if they have it on their GitHub
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    @darthteddy1 Which plugin was this? It may have been open source and shown you the code, but what was the lisence?
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    Doesn't really matter, it has to be compatible with the GPL, which says you are allowed to do this.
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    download the .zip
    then extract it on a file
    then open eclipse and select Import
    Now select export ( if you want to re-export)
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    @Hawktasard What if the license was ARR but they provided the source code? It would be violating the license if the OP were to use that code in their own plugin without explicit permission from the author.
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    No, it's not. They may have said it has that license, but they:

    1. Put it on GitHub, whose terms of service state that if you have a public repository, other people must be able to copy and reuse your code. From the terms of service:

    This implies that they can use and modify your code, however a case could be made for redistributing except for....

    2. They compiled against a GPL library (Bukkit). The GNU GPL provides that anything that links against GPL code and is distributed to the public must be GPL or GPL-compliant. Part of GPL compliance is that code can be redistributed and modified providing that the terms of the GPL are follow. Since the plugin was publicly redistributed (on both BukkitDev and GitHub) they cannot violate the terms of the GPL, however, they may have a basis to ask for attribution should they change their license.


    They have no legal basis to claim All Rights Reserved on their plugin, they forfeit that right when they used GitHub and complied with Bukkit.

    TL;DR Use their code, but at least be nice enough to include an attribution.
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