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    I've gotten a few ideas for this one.
    first idea player does command /wild and is randomly warped into factions wilderness maybe within 15000 blocks from 0 and by this I mean a random place not claimed by a faction must also be above ground and grant them 20 seconds of no fall damage and lava resist.
    add me on skype for any questions- callmetheboss3
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    i did something similar, a few hours ago ... maybe it will help u:
    It will warp u random into a given area.
    You can set the config to take care of lava and not spawning right in the air.
    but it does not check for existing fraction areas ...
    but it can handle multiple areas per world so you can split up the wilderness in smaller parts and leave out the areas, already used by a fraction ? You can also control how high is the chance to spawn in a specific area ... or if all have the same chance ... This will allow you take affec on the "randomness".

    (never hooked up into factions before, so i might not add the check for existing areas...)


    due to there was someone else, who requested the faction-wilderness feature, i added it ...
    the developmet version should work.
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