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    Plugin category: Pvp

    Suggested name: The purge

    What I want: If you are interested in doing this please watch this trailer which the plugin is based off of:
    Now that you have watched the trailer here are the specs:
    • Needs to have a border part to the plugin where the auto border is 1000x1000 but, this can be changed in the config
    • Needs to have a sign where people can right click and get teleported to the position where the ready hub is set.
    • The plugin needs to automatically start the match if there are 10 or more players in the ready arena. This can be changed in the config.
    • The plugin can't start a new game if there is currently a game going on.
    • Once the game starts the platers in the ready hub will be teleported to a map and will spawn at 0,0 and they have 10 minecraft days in peaceful mode. Durring the peaceful time, the player will be in
    • peaceful and there will be no nights and no pvp. The 10 minecraft days can be changed in config
    • After the peaceful ends there will be a message that says "The purge has began!" and the time will be set until night and the server mode to hard. The time will always stay on night as long as the current game is going.
    • If the player is dammaged they can't heal normally, they have to eat a golden apple to heal. The golden apple only heals 2 hearts.
    • Once a player dies they will be teleported to the death hub.
    • If a player kills someone they will be rewarded with 1 point for each kill.
    • After 5 nights in the purge the game has ended and the server will brodcast to the people still alive in the purge "Congratulations, you have survived the purge!". The players who one will be rewarded with 5 points, inventory cleared, and teleported to the spawn hub. The players in the dead hub will be teleported to the spawn hub.
    • The map will be automatically reset and after its reset the server will brodcast a message that says "A new game is ready to start you have 2 minutes to get in the ready hub!" The players will have 2 minutes to get into the ready hub before the server tries to start the match.
    • Points have a huge affect in this game. If a player has X amount of points the will get Z items when they play their next match. We will work this ranking system out on skype.

    Ideas for commands:
    /points give [playername] [amount]
    /points take [playername] [amount]
    /purge sethub spawn
    /purge sethub death
    /purge sethub ready
    /purge forcestart
    /purge forceend
    /purge stats me
    /purge stats top
    /purge stats [playername]

    Ideas for permissions:
    purge.signs.use.ready (enables a player to right click a sign and teleported to the ready hub.)
    purge.signs.create.ready (A player with this permission can create a ready sign)
    points.give.[playername].[amount] (Gives the player you typed a the amount of points you entered)
    points.take [playername].[amount] (Takes the point amount away from the player you typed)
    purge.sethub.spawn (This sets the spawn for the players when they join the server.)
    purge.sethub.death (This sets the hub where players will be teleported to when they die.)
    pureg.sethub.ready (This sets the hub where players will be teleported to when they right click a ready sign.)
    purge.forcestart (Forces the game to start and the players inside of the ready hub will be start the match.)
    purge.forceend (Forces an end the game and everyone will be teleported to the spawn hub and all points gained in that game will be lost.)
    purge.stats.me (Sees how much points you have.)
    purge.stats.top (Sees how much points the top 5 players have.)
    purge.stats.[playername] (Sees how much points the player you typed in has.)

    When I'd like it by: Yesterday. I need the plugin ASAP because the movie came out a few days ago and I would like to be one of the first servers with this gameplay.

    The spawn hub and the death hub are in the same world while the actual map is in a different world.

    If you have any questions, please ask them here and if you would like to work with me add me on skype!
    Skype: atpgalaxy

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