Solved [URGENT] Please help! Major plugin problem!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by OriginalRaZe, Jan 5, 2014.

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    On my server that I am currently running, whenever players try to right click a chest to open it, it disappears and it says "This shop is closed". I thought it was my shop plugins but i removed them and it still says it!!
    Please help!

    My plugins: Autosaveworld. buycraft, clearlag, craftbay, craftbook, creativegates, dynmap, enjin plugin, essentials, essentials (chat, geoip, protect, spawn, xmpp.) factions. healthbar, hivejumppads, jail, kits, mcmmo, multiverse, nocheat, obsidiandestroyer, openinv, permissionsex, worldborder, world edit, worldguard, toci, totaleconomy, vault, votelister, voteroulette, votifier, silkspawners, scheduled announcer.

    Please help!! i need to fix it for my server!

    Can anyone please help me??

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    Could it potentially be your economy plugin?
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    I didnt even think about that! Its fixed now, Thanks greatly!
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