[URGENT] PermissionsEx & Essentials Problems...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by -XO-, Dec 19, 2012.

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    I am writing permissions for my friends server. Before I send it to my friend I want to make sure everything works so I have a test server. I have encountered some problems.

    Here is my permissions file for PermissionsEx: pastebin.com/WNJLx8jL

    1. For some reason the permissions that i wrote doesn't work in game and I get this error...


    2. I want the essenentials.motd message pop up for people who log into the server. But when i put PermissionEx.jar into my the plugins folder, essentials.motd decides to not show up when I log into the sever, I have to do /motd manually for the message to pop up.

    3. When I have Modifyworld.jar which is part of PermissionEx, the chat doesn't work AT ALL.

    I only started getting into this like 2 weeks ago so I am a noob, but please help and bare with me. :)
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    The new Bukkit build causes this issue. Downgrade to Beta 2 (I believe) to fix this.
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    1. PEX needs devbuild, breaks due to changes
    2. possibly caused by broken PEX, unless your bukkit version is modified, if you use reco 1.4.5, update ess to prebuild
    3. requires modifyworld.chat node
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    Everything works now thanks alot :)
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