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    I have this idea, that there could be one plugin, that is universal (works with all plugins), that each time you launch your server, the plugin automatically searches its config file for each plugin installed for updates. And with a click of a button, or command, the plugin updates the rest of your plugins. Here's how it would work:

    (I'm not much of a developer, so please excuse my lack of knowledge for it :D)
    The config file would work off of links, so you would have to insert the link for each plugin's page, and the plugin searches that page for an update, or later build.

    Ex. CONFIG
    Link- http://www.bukkit.org/plugins/LogBlock
    Link- http://www.bukkit.org/plugins/WorldEdit
    Link- http://www.bukkit.org/plugins/CommandBook

    BTW, these aren't real links...
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