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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Wrendan, Feb 21, 2015.

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    Hi :)
    The time to update all the plugins has arrived. But, I don't know how to update the plugins!
    I knows that there's an update folder (just on Bukkit or spigot too?), but I don't know how does it work.

    So, I need to know how to update a plugin.
    I've read wiki, but I'm not sure:(

    I'll need some help.
    Thanks for helping!
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    @Wrendan I'm fairly sure that most plugins are updated by just replacing the .jar in the /plugins folder with the new one. You can simply do this by visiting their BukkitDev project page (worldedit for example) and get their latest .jar (for your version of Bukkit). If there is more to updating the plugin than that, the plugin's BukkitDev page will usually specify.

    Edit: (be sure to back up your old plugins just in case)

    Also, sometimes new jars for plugins have different file names, so be sure the old version gets removed.
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    But for example, essentials group manager. If you replace the folder, you have to write again all the permissions, no?
    And also, I have a buycraft shop. If I delete and put the new one, I would have to create again the shop, no?
    Tell me please the method of the update jar.
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    @Wrendan Don't replace the folder, just the jar. Just downloaded the new .jar file for whatever plugin you want to update, then replace the old one in the /plugins folder. Don't replace the folder that the plugin creates however.

    So for example let's say your updating WorldEdit

    1. First you download the WorldEdit.jar from BukkitDev
    2. Find the old WorldEdit.jar in your /plugins folder and replace it with the new one
    3. Don't replace or delete the WorldEdit folder, just the WorldEdit.jar
    4. Start up your server and check for errrors
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    So, you mean to replace the winrar book folder of the plugin (.jar) but not the folder that is created when the server is started, right?
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    @Wrendan winar book folder? XD I've never heard that one before. But yes, just replace the .jar not the folder.
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    Thanks for the infomation
    I like to have in this forums people like you
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