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    yo! what is this sick plugin

    this plugin lets you give names to different areas of your world. then when you wander about it'll tell you when you're arriving in different areas, as if you were playing world of warcraft or some nonsense. it also gives a /who command that tells you which named place everyone is in. as simple as that! it doesn't change the actual minecraft gameplay at all

    downloads - updated to 1.2!


    • put interest.jar in your plugins directory
    • create a subdirectory called interest within the plugins directory (might not even need to do this)
    • you shouldn't have to, but if place data isn't being saved you can manually create a file called places.txt within the interest subdirectory
    • /mark name creates an area called name at your current in-game location
    • /mark r:## name is the same as above, but the maximum radius of the area is limited by the ## value (rather than being potentially infinite)
    • /mark x:## y:## z:## name is the same as above, but the area is constrained to a certain distance along each axis (i.e., a cuboid). note that the x, y and z values count in both directions so the sides of the cuboid are actually double the axis value, centered on your position. each axis is optional - you can specify only one or two axes if you like
    • /unmark removes the nearest area
    • /nearest tells you which area you are in and gives the coordinates of its original marker (this is what /unmark will remove if you use it)
    • /who or /where lists all players and the names of the areas they're currently in
    • /who name (or /where name) gives the area and exact coordinates of the player called name
    the idea is you divide the world into areas by creating points. every time you use the /mark command, a point is created at your current location. at any given moment, whichever point you're closest to is your current area. this makes it very easy to create different areas - you don't need to mark the boundary or anything, just stand roughly in the middle of your house and type /name My House. then go to your farm and type /name My Farm. suddenly the world's split into two regions, and you'll know whether you're closer to Your House or Your Farm.

    if you need more complex shapes, you can mark two or more nearby points with the same name and then those areas will "join up" to become one big area.

    for the geometrically-inclined, this method partitions the world into a bunch of arbitrary polyhedra (whose faces are planes equidistant to a pair of marked points). however, it does mean that areas can be infinite - e.g., if you just create one area called My House then your entire world will be My House, since no matter where you are the closest place is My House. but you can venture out into the wildernesses and name them and then it makes a bit more sense UPDATE as of 1.1 you can use the radius option to limit the maximum distance at which you'll still be in a given area

    someone might have made something like this before. I don't know. it doesn't have permissions or anything cause I live on a cool server with cool people. you can change the source if you want that

    configuration file - supported as of 1.2

    for further customization, create a file called config.txt in the interest subdirectory with the following content
    entering=##3entering ##f$1
    leaving=##3entering wilderness
    who-head=##e$1 player(s) online:
    who-line-place=##e+ ##f$1 ##e- ##f$2
    who-line-no-place=##e+ ##f$1 ##e- ##fwilderness
    these are the default values (i.e., same as if there were no config.txt). edit as you wish.
    • if ops-only is 1, only ops can use /mark and /unmark
    • if disable-who is 1, /who is disabled (/where still works) - in case of conflict
    • entering is the message displayed when you enter an area. $1 gives the name of the area
    • leaving is the message displayed when you leave an area. $1 (not used by default) gives the name of the area
    • who-head is the header of the /who command. $1 gives the number of players online
    • who-line-place is the line displayed for players who are currently in an area. $1 gives the player name, $2 gives the area name
    • who-line-no-place is the line displayed for players who are not currently in any area. $1 gives the player name
    double hash symbols (##) are substituted with § for colour codes. secret fact: this also works for area names now!
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    Could you make it say "Entering" instead of "entering"? The lowercase is driving me nuts. Otherwise works awesome. :O
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    Just.. update and do it yourself?
    --- merged: Jan 26, 2011 8:12 PM ---
    Ah well, it still beats a stupid simoleon.
    What about if a & has nothing after it or an invalid character (that is not corresponding to a colour code), it will display as a normal &? If you feel like it, of course. ;)
    --- merged: Jan 26, 2011 8:14 PM ---
    Essentials displays those data. Just figured that out.
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    Would it be possible to do an item-right-click to select an area? I'm referring to the //wand command used by World Edit, which is then used to select cuboid spaces.
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    Would it be possible to put in a config line for a default maximum distance, for people that forget to put in the r: argument? I currently have a perl script editing places.txt to replace any of the -1 radius lines with 10000. I like eventually entering the wilderness again if I get too far away from civilization.
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    I second this idea! That'd be sweet!
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    Great Mod! I love seeing what a place is when I enter it!

    A few suggestions
    • Default maximum distance setting - for all the reasons people talk about above.
    • Capitalize the default phrases :p
    • Use a simoleon! All the other mods out there use simoleons for color coordination, you should too! It's just a standard.
    • Permissions? While not official, the permissions plugin seems to be what the major mods are using (and it happens to be really easy to set up!)
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    Funny, as far as I can see, most of the other mods are using the &-symbol (ampersand) as their colour code standard. (But the simoleon ALSO works, they support both usually). I don't mind having the simoleon added, though, so long there is an alternative for us who just can't deal well with unicode.

    Permissions plugin should be optional. I am not using it and don't want to either.
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    I think the ## is ok for the colors.
    Meanwhile, me and my members love this plugin ;) Much thanks for this

    But I still have some Requests:
    - Radius with height (r: + y: )
    - If leaving Message is empty, there should be nothing in the Chat, now there's a empty (grey) line.
    - A tool with handling like WorldEdit. (mark 2 points, enter height and name. Or mark one point in the bottom corner and the other in the opposite corner, but on top)
    - If I use xyz and want to expand a Region, I get the messages two times -> regions with the same name, directly together, should work as one region.
    Currently Example: "Welcome to region1", "goodbye" and directly "Welcome to region1"
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    here's a list of current plans
    • if I add permissions it'll be optional but it's totally the most boring thing on the to-do list so don't get your hopes up
    • if you're getting goodbye message you are for sure walking through a space where they are not connected!
    • if by radius with height you mean cylinder, which is not at all clear, that's coming
    • empty message is an oversight I'll fix that
    • default maximum radius I can do
    • § is a section symbol and only doesn't work cause I didn't bother to make the files read unicode. you can't type it in game anyway. maybe I'll fix it
    • I'll add an option to disable the /who playername for the PvP guy
    • maybe the who merging stuff
    • I disapprove of capitals
    • not gonna do this marking out areas with a tool thing. for one it's redundant and for two I think you guys who are fussing over exact coordinates for your places are Doing It Wrong anyway
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    I am wondering why in "entering" is the $1 = name of area, but everywhere else the $1 = player name.
    Not anything wrong, just curious is all.
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    cause there's only one parameter and I so happened to order the parameters to other lines in the order they are used in the defaults
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    ah I see. Thanks :)
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    How are we doing it wrong? I'd like my house to be ONLY My House, and not have it be My House +random blocks outside of My House or -a few blocks in My House, because I'm unable to get an exact radius.

    Please reconsider.
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    If he adds the cylinder option where you can define height as well, then I'd be happy. I think if you add it via exact coordinates, it's starting to get outside the scope of the simplicity of this plugin. Then you're starting to look at plugins like cuboid and such.
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    Is it normal that an "Entering-" message can not follow directly after another? I have a map with many little areas and if i walk over 2 Borders within a short perdiod the 2nd Message is shown some time later. But when i wait in an area and then walk over a border the message appears instantly.
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    yeah, there's a few seconds of minimum delay so that it doesn't spam you with a hundred messages if you hang about near a border
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    Hey there - just wanted to say that I think this is a very handy addon, and works great too!

    Although... of course... I have some things I'd like added to the TODO list ;)
    • Tie in to WorldGuard's regions if it's installed - so you can define your region in WorldGuard, then give it a friendly name with Interest. If you're already defining regions with WG it makes sense to just add names to them (but it doesn't support that in itself).
    • Another vote for an optional default maximum distance, to automatically stop you subdividing the infinite world
    • Add a flag (per area perhaps?) that will inform other players when someone else enters the same area.
      Message when you enter: "Entering Tene's house"
      Message when someone else enters: "Badger is also entering Tene's house"
      Message when someone else leaves: "Badger has left Tene's house"
      (maybe) Message when you enter and other people are there: "Entering Tene's house. Also here: Badger"
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    Ok, that makes sence, but could you add this delay to the user editable config? I also downloaded the source but i didn't find the entry.
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    Working great onNationCraft with CB#182 Keep it going....
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    I absolutely love this plugin. My server users love it too. The only problem thus far is that marking a large number of places (between 20 - 30) generates an unplayable amount of lag. I confirmed this by swapping out each plugin, one by one, to see which was hitting performance. As soon as I swapped out interesting places, the lag issues cleared up dramatically. Swapping the plugin in and out again several times resulted in the same.

    The more players logged on, the worse it became. 3 Players was fine. At 6 it became unplayable.

    I'm not a coding wizard, but I'm wondering if having to constantly compare the locations of every user against the list of markers is part of the slowdown. But like I said, I have no idea how this was implemented.
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    is there a standard radius for the /mark command or will my whole map be named this other than the points i put in with the /mark r:## command?
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    If you've bothered to read a bunch of posts back, you'd know that standard radius is likely planned to be implemented. But to answer your question: Yes, currently the whole area would be named that if you'd just /mark it without using radius. 'standard radius' right now is 'infinite'.
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    please give me a purple name so I can edit the thread title
    edit: oh wait I don't actually need it to edit the title, I thought that was a thing
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    Is there anyway to also disable /where ? I want to use this on a PvP server, and as such do not want coords of players to be revealed.
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    This is pretty much an awesome plugin. I've determined that after using it for a few days :p

    Minimum radius is still on my list of most wanted features (that again, permissions is too).
    Is there a way to make this compatible with GloNick? Everything works all fine and dandy, it's just that /who doesn't show nicknames, only actual player names.
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    Could you consider adding support for the FindMe plugin? This way users could use the compass to locate specific areas.
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    Raymond Doerr

    Will this plugin allow me to mark certain entire regions? (Huge areas, roughly 300 by 300 blocks)

    For example, if I walk into another region it'll say "Now entering Zone X"?

    Basically, I want to use this map I'm working on for my server:


    Its hard to tell from the size of the pic, but each square is a "build zone" for the players, each player is assigned to that zone. I'd like it to say "Now entering Zone 4" (or 5, 6, 7, etc) as the player crosses into the new areas.. That way, they know whos Zone they are in.

    Can this mod be setup to be that specific? Where basically I can say everything from 150, 150 to 450,450 is "Zone 3" and it'll display a message when they walk in?
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    I had a cool thought, (And something I would love you to consider adding support for), but wouldn't it be great if this plugin could generate a markers.json file for use with google map type mapping plugins? I would love to see markers on my minecraft map for where people have named areas (whoa! with bounding rectangles and such too?).
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