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    yo! what is this sick plugin

    this plugin lets you give names to different areas of your world. then when you wander about it'll tell you when you're arriving in different areas, as if you were playing world of warcraft or some nonsense. it also gives a /who command that tells you which named place everyone is in. as simple as that! it doesn't change the actual minecraft gameplay at all

    downloads - updated to 1.2!


    • put interest.jar in your plugins directory
    • create a subdirectory called interest within the plugins directory (might not even need to do this)
    • you shouldn't have to, but if place data isn't being saved you can manually create a file called places.txt within the interest subdirectory
    • /mark name creates an area called name at your current in-game location
    • /mark r:## name is the same as above, but the maximum radius of the area is limited by the ## value (rather than being potentially infinite)
    • /mark x:## y:## z:## name is the same as above, but the area is constrained to a certain distance along each axis (i.e., a cuboid). note that the x, y and z values count in both directions so the sides of the cuboid are actually double the axis value, centered on your position. each axis is optional - you can specify only one or two axes if you like
    • /unmark removes the nearest area
    • /nearest tells you which area you are in and gives the coordinates of its original marker (this is what /unmark will remove if you use it)
    • /who or /where lists all players and the names of the areas they're currently in
    • /who name (or /where name) gives the area and exact coordinates of the player called name
    the idea is you divide the world into areas by creating points. every time you use the /mark command, a point is created at your current location. at any given moment, whichever point you're closest to is your current area. this makes it very easy to create different areas - you don't need to mark the boundary or anything, just stand roughly in the middle of your house and type /name My House. then go to your farm and type /name My Farm. suddenly the world's split into two regions, and you'll know whether you're closer to Your House or Your Farm.

    if you need more complex shapes, you can mark two or more nearby points with the same name and then those areas will "join up" to become one big area.

    for the geometrically-inclined, this method partitions the world into a bunch of arbitrary polyhedra (whose faces are planes equidistant to a pair of marked points). however, it does mean that areas can be infinite - e.g., if you just create one area called My House then your entire world will be My House, since no matter where you are the closest place is My House. but you can venture out into the wildernesses and name them and then it makes a bit more sense UPDATE as of 1.1 you can use the radius option to limit the maximum distance at which you'll still be in a given area

    someone might have made something like this before. I don't know. it doesn't have permissions or anything cause I live on a cool server with cool people. you can change the source if you want that

    configuration file - supported as of 1.2

    for further customization, create a file called config.txt in the interest subdirectory with the following content
    entering=##3entering ##f$1
    leaving=##3entering wilderness
    who-head=##e$1 player(s) online:
    who-line-place=##e+ ##f$1 ##e- ##f$2
    who-line-no-place=##e+ ##f$1 ##e- ##fwilderness
    these are the default values (i.e., same as if there were no config.txt). edit as you wish.
    • if ops-only is 1, only ops can use /mark and /unmark
    • if disable-who is 1, /who is disabled (/where still works) - in case of conflict
    • entering is the message displayed when you enter an area. $1 gives the name of the area
    • leaving is the message displayed when you leave an area. $1 (not used by default) gives the name of the area
    • who-head is the header of the /who command. $1 gives the number of players online
    • who-line-place is the line displayed for players who are currently in an area. $1 gives the player name, $2 gives the area name
    • who-line-no-place is the line displayed for players who are not currently in any area. $1 gives the player name
    double hash symbols (##) are substituted with ยง for colour codes. secret fact: this also works for area names now!
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    Awesome! I think our server really needs something like this :)

    We have a large central area with a trainstation that leads to zones that are claimed by individuals.
    Would be perfect to partition the world with this plugin.

    Question: does it work for height distance too? :p
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    yep, of course! you can put places on top of each other all you like
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    Very interesting plugin, I'll give it a try.
    But a radius-option would be extremly fine.

    Stay at your estate and /mark 20 MyFarm. (20 is the Radius, or 20 20, radius with height)
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    yeah, a cool idea, I'll add it sometime
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    Works relative good. But it need's a little delay between the Messages. (message, 10 sec. pause, message)
    If you walk on a border, it spams entering-messages ;)

    So, the plugin is very well for big Areas, but no for small, here we nee the radius-option.
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    Request: Name the /who something different so that if you're running one of many general plugins (I'm running GeneReal) it won't get overridden by said plugin. My /who just reports who is connected. Just a thought:)
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    ok, files in the first post updated
    added radius function, timer to reduce chat spam, and /where is now an alternative for /who

    I like /who though
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    Is there a console message for the plugin when the server starts? I don't see it starting, but it's creating the places.txt. Even with Essentials.jar removed (the competing /who) I can't get the commands to work and I'm not entirely sure it's starting up.

    I updated bukkit 20 minutes ago, so I should have the newest or close.

    LWC     [v1.46] Loading shared objects
    Config  [v1.46] Loaded 6 config entries
    [INFORMANT] version 1.3 is enabled
    2011-01-21 19:50:36 [INFO] LapisRedstone 1.0 loaded.
    ExcessLapis version 1.0 is enabled!
    2011-01-21 19:50:36 [INFO] Bedrock Gap Insurance + Flat Earth version 2.0 enable
    2011-01-21 19:50:36 [INFO] [GroupUsers] version [1.4.1] is loaded!
    2011-01-21 19:50:36 [INFO] [BackupPlugin] (com.mysticx.bukkit.backupplugin.BackupPlugin) BackupPlugin version 0.8.5 is enabled!
    Whitelist: Trying to load whitelist and settings...done.
    Whitelist version 1.4 is enabled!
    2011-01-21 19:50:36 [INFO] [STATS]: Found required plugin: GroupUsers
    2011-01-21 19:50:36 [INFO] [STATS]: v0.1 Plugin Enabled
    2011-01-21 19:50:36 [INFO] [TeleConfirmLite] [v0.5]
    LWC     [v1.46] Loaded command : Admin
    LWC     [v1.46] Loaded command : Create
    LWC     [v1.46] Loaded command : Free
    LWC     [v1.46] Loaded command : Info
    LWC     [v1.46] Loaded command : Modes
    LWC     [v1.46] Loaded command : Modify
    LWC     [v1.46] -> PLAYER_COMMAND
    LWC     [v1.46] -> PLAYER_QUIT
    LWC     [v1.46] -> ENTITY_EXPLODE
    LWC     [v1.46] -> BLOCK_INTERACT
    LWC     [v1.46] -> BLOCK_DAMAGED
    LWC     [v1.46] -> BLOCK_RIGHTCLICKED
    LWC     [v1.46] Loading SQLite
    PhysDB  [v1.46] Creating physical tables if needed
    PhysDB  [v1.46] Caching Prepared Statements
    MemDB   [v1.46] Creating memory tables
    2011-01-21 19:50:37 [INFO] Minecart Mania Core version 0.61 is enabled!
    SlowHealth version 1.0 is enabled! Regen-rate is set to 60000
    2011-01-21 19:50:37 [INFO] Done! For help, type "help" or "?"
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    If it's making the text file then it's definitely running! there's no message
    I don't know what's wrong but my best guess is that one of your other plugins has decided to cancel every chat command event for some reason, or maybe your chat commands are on permissions somehow
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    How about a way to somehow mark the edges temporarily?

    Like a ring of something up in sky, of along the ground.
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    Oh yeah, I love this Plugin, big thanks! Works fine with #121.
    Can you add an option to change the Displaytime of the regions?

    Also an Idea:
    No MainZone (wilderness), therefor only the Region option, and an message for entering and leaving the region.
    If a Region is directly on an other region "you leaving XY and entering ABC", or only "now you entering ABC)

    Every region starts 1 blocks below you and ends 4 blocks above, so we can set different stages/floors.
    Or /mark r:20 u:10 name for 20 blocks radius and 10 blocks up (from 1 block below, without "u" its from bedrock to sky)

    Support the Permissions Plugin from Niji

    Request: No message on Connect/Entering the Server
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    Masocristy: explicit zone edge-detection is not trivial in this case since zones can be intersections of arbitrary polyhedra & spheres, so it's probably too much work for something not particularly useful, sorry

    Jobsti: more precise volume control is a neat idea, but I don't want to make things too unintuitive or messy. naming stuff willy nilly and having it all automatically partitioned is fun yknow. I could possibly add a different constraint which limits zone to a certain width/height/depth cuboid
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    Awesome idea by the way.

    When you use the /mark r:## name command, do you have the option to add xyz coords or is it just a strait up radius with you being thecenter point in all directions?

    Are you planning on allowing the option of putting xyz coords into the /mark command?
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    yeah, it's only spheres right now (but the shape can still affected by other nearby markers!). I'll add xyz sometime
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    I'm going to dl this... Very cool! What about the possibility of naming cuboids from WorldEdit?
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    Found it! It wasn't working with TeleConfirmLite, but looking at his post he's updated it to 'play nice with others' now. Never ran into a problem until now, oh well. Great plugin! Thanks for the hard work!
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    ..may have conflicts with /who
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    cool this works, thanks
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    are you able to let only 1 person use this?
    i dont want to have all players run around and name regions with stupid names
    maybe only the admin should be able to name regions
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    Works great; really like it! Your default mechanic, with the points and polyhedra and whatnot, is, ah, intriguing, but I use the radius function exclusively.

    I note that you can't mark two radii right next to each other to make an extended marked area; if they overlap it says you're too close to the first, even though the names are the same. Any way this could be changed? I think rather than checking for the exact same text, maybe it could go like this:

    /mark r:15 Tree Farm of Mystery
    (then walk away a short distance)
    /mark2 r:8

    So when it's checking for are you in Tree Farm of Mystery zone, it checks if you're within either of two specified radii. Would this work? I am not a programmer. If this wouldn't even be easy, I don't care about this option. But if it'd be easy, I'd like to request it.

    Also, and I'm aware this makes me a nerd, is it possible to make the "entering" text configurable? So it'd say "reached Tree Farm of Mystery" - even better would be if you could configure it to null. So it'd say "This Tree Farm looks Mysterious." - other areas could say "you've reached Cool Spot" because I actually typed "you've reached Cool Spot" into the description manually. Best of both worlds.

    Again, I'm a nerd, but it'd be a fun feature.

    EDIT: I don't mean that it should go /mark2, /mark3, etc. I mean that /mark2 is a different command that says "Same mark nametag, but this spot/radius as well." So it probably wouldn't be called "mark2," that was kind of a placeholder in my post. :p /remark? Dunno.
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    I could make the "entering" text configurable, yeah I guess

    as for the other thing: currently you can't place two markers within 10 blocks of one another. the reason for this is the plugin uses a space-partitioning algorithm to speed things up a lot, and the server has to check where you are a lot. the 10 block limit isn't necessary as such, but it ensures the server won't get too bogged down checking all the points. I'm curious as to why you'd need to place two points right next to each other. any regions with the same name that connect to each other will join up, doesn't have to be right beside

    the plugin doesn't just check whether you're inside any of the radii; what happens is it still calculates which point you're closest to. but then if you're outside the radius limit of this point, it uses the second-closest, etc. it's a bit different but makes more sense
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    Can you overlap?
    If i have a My House
    in CityOfNames
    in Somethingland
    So it can say Myhouse, CityofNames, Somethingland.
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    not currently possible, if you're in 3 areas it'll display the closest one
    but an interesting idea; I'd have to think how it would work
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    I actually didn't realize that was how it worked; I assumed it was saying they were too close simply because the areas were intersecting. I was placing them close together because it's an oddly-shaped landmark and it was very possible to be close to it and still not have its name called out.

    I can certainly work around this 'limitation' (since it's really not much of one at all, and it sounds like a really good optimization), forget that I asked for it to be changed :p
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    I really like this mod. I'd like to echo some other folks in wanting a cuboid selection method. I'd also like a /setceiling;/setfloor command similar to the old Realms plugin. IE, /setceiling <0-125>
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    This would be really cool if tied into Dynamic maps so you could see markers of the places on your map
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    Definitely Seconded :)
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    Just a few questions - love this plugin though.

    So you said areas will join together correct, but will they avoid overlapping other areas near?

    Also, can I have say player1's house, and then directly below that player1's mine without them overlapping?
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    when different places overlap, the overlap is divided evenly between them automagically

    yes everything's in 3 dimensions so you can have stuff above stuff

    dynamic maps: neat idea
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