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    First off let me say that I only made this plugin because I was bored and wanted some more practice programming. I made it for the server I play on, RedStrype, and it was built with only the features the servers admins wanted. I am posting it to get feedback on it, and maybe it will be better suited for what you want than some of the more established (and more functional) economies such as iConomy.

    Also please note that this economy is not for everyone, as most people will probably want one that is more full featured, but I plan on keeping this one small.

    Also if you are starting to write plugins please feel free to look through my code. I'm still a novice myself, but it might be able to help somehow :D

    So to sum up this economy in one word: Simple

    All your users need to learn are 6 easy commands.

    /buy, /sell, /balance, /pay, /undo, /prices

    Thats it.

    Syntax for these are:
    /buy [item name] [amount] or /buy [amount] [item name]
    /sell [item name] [amount] or /sell [amount] [item name]
    /pay [player name] [amount]
    /prices [page]

    Full info is in the readme which, if you just want to check out more about the plugin, is available for download. This includes (poorly written) situations that display how the plugin behaves, as well as an explanation on how to set it up.

    Right now the plugin only uses flatfile (/plugins/CodeRedEconomy/), but I am in the process of adding SQLite support, so forgive me.

    Also please note that this is still in heavy development, and is really just an ongoing experiment. There is about a 100% chance that there are still bugs in it, but if you are worried about bugs than you shouldn't even be using bukkit right now ;)

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Example Stats File

    v0.8.0: Fixed bugs, most of the SQL code is in there, although its not for use yet.

    v0.0.0->v0.7.1: Work on first release.
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    Anyone willing to help me out... balance is working but its not noticing item ids... heres my prices list mind telling me whats wrong?
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    i narrowed the error down to this line:


    for some reason including it makes it error. I removed that from the list and it ran ok.
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    not sure if it cause im an admin but i can pay a user more money than i have. if i have 50 coins and i say pay xxx 500 ill have -450 after i set it up and credited my users i have -40k i didnt tell them about the pay feature.
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    seems to be not doing 100 chickenlips every 5 minutes like it used to, has the time value changed to something other then server clicks
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    Hey guys! I'm trying to use this plugin but I keep getting an endless list of java errors. Does anyone else have this plugin working currently?
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    I've got it working, using most recent CraftBukkit and no errors. What errors are you getting?
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    Ah sorry. I got it... It was a simple mistake that I made haha. Thank you though!!
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    I found my Problem. [​IMG] If anyone wants to have a Itemlist with any necessary ingame obtainable Block or item. I have uploaded one.

    Greetings from Germany,

    Attached Files:

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    Can anyone answer me? I have little question.
    When I want to buy something, it write: ,,The shop does not have enough item".
    Where i can add this item to the shop?
    Thanks ;)
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    You can add it either in items.txt in the fourth column (item id:buy price:sell price:maximum available:maxsell:maxbuy:breakvalue) or sell some.
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    Oye sorry it took so long, been putting some work into checking out a bunch of errors people are getting. I did find your problem though. This line: "356:15:0:10:0:1:0" 356 is not a valid itemId. I'll try and find a better way to report this through the load.
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    i will see if that fixes the issue. i guess i was a little tired when i wrote it.
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    Cool, let me know if it fixes it. Working on an easier way to make these files at the moment as it seems a lot of people are having problems only with this part. Might end up with some sort of file generator not sure yet. More likely is that I just push hard to move it all over to a SQLite database so that changing these things is as easy as editing a spreadsheet (Well for the most part).
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    Feature suggestion:

    Allow for "/prices (ItemName/ItemID)" to let users get the price for a specific item ("20" for glass blocks) or range of items ("stairs" for all kinds of stairs) without having to page through the entire list.

    Now that we have a complete list of 'all items', which is very cool, the number of pages is insane..seeing as how CodeRedEcon only shows like 5 items at once.
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    it has removed the error, thank you, its a difficult flat file for sure.
    so many numbers, it makes me miss iCShop. but your plugin has cool functions like the bad word things and on-break costs. I can charge players if they break my street lamps lol.
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    Well the new release v 0.8.0 has that thanks to theknife. I can also add a variable for the number of items shown per page, problem is with filling a players chat bar with it. Right now the default is 7, which I think was the amount hMod's /help showed.

    Hopefully I'll have the new release out today, contains a bunch of bug fixes etc.
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    Hey Vandolis, I really like this plugin so far. You've obviously put time and effort in here, and thank you for it.

    I'm curious if you have any experience with web development and if you could output the stats.txt in either html or php. This could be awesome to display on my web server.
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    Sadly I don't have any web experience, but I might be able to find somebody that does. Would be a cool thing for sure. Although the whole file started off as a way for the admins to more easily adjust prices, it would be a fun little option for sure. Might just try to make the whole stats available to another plugin though, that way somebody could just write a plugin for it.
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    @ Vandolis
    I might give writing a simple php file a try that would just read the stats.txt, assuming I can figure out your formatting. If I wind up with anything that works I'll make sure to post it.
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    Well (for now) the formatting at the bottom is pretty simple. Its just:
    &PlayerPaying:PlayerPaid1 Amount:PlayerPaid2 Amount
    &DifferentPlayerPaying:PlayerPaid3 amount
    Working on full SQLite use though, which so far has very verbose stats.
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    @ Vandolis
    Maybe I'll wait till thats done then. Assuming sqlite is like mysql then it'd be very easy to read from the table.

    A quick question... How do you access /prices pages. I only can see page 1 of 2 at the moment.
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    Current chat can show 10 items at once before fading out. Pressing 't' to view the chat history shows 20 lines.
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 5:36 AM ---
    Having a strange bug.

    cbukkit 136. CodeRed 0.7.1

    Case 1: Some users can use all commands, but doing so causes "Access denied" warnings in console..commands function properly tho.

    Case 2: some users can use all commands except /sell. All commands give console errors, but only /sell reports error to the user.

    I've got Permissions and Essentials installed, but even with Permissions disabled, i get these problems.
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    Do you know what error it is saying? Chances are permissions is just being picky, haven't heard this from anyone else though.
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    [WARNING] KillerArby was denied access to command: sell flower 9
    org.bukkit.SimplePluginManager callEvent
    SEVERE: Could not pass event PLAYER_COMMAND to CodeRedEconomy

    This is the error I get regardless if the command actually worked or not.

    I believe the 'SEVERE' line might be caused by Permissions

    I've tried putting a 'sell.*' in the config file, just to see if it worked.

    Even after removing the Permissions entries, this error persists.
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 6:36 AM ---
    Turns out part of the /sell problem is caused by the Essentials plugin, which also has hits own economy functions now. He's working on resolving the conflict.
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    Hey guys, just a quick update. SQLite support is almost complete. You will have to forgive me though, the SQLite database setup might not be anywhere close to perfect as I had just learned it to complete this project haha.

    Also of note is that thanks to the_knife there will soon be the option for dynamic pricing. Still uses a base price, but the price will adjust +- around this base price depending on buy/sell amounts. It will soon integrate with the stats for a smart adjusting price!
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    now if i were to implement this along side an iConomy shop plugin, (dual markets, black, normal) do you see any conflicts occurring? the iConomy black market is a sign based market not global shop. testing to see how 2 markets work is something i wanna see. i wanna see how the story of my RP server can progress, its about a mining company using the company store model of business, and i am hoping to move the players along the road of revolt against it. having 2 markets would facilitate that change.

    as long as this mod dosnt conflict with Iconomy running at the same time i would have no problem testing my idea.
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    The only problem that I could see are the commands. I would need to know what the commands they use are. If it doesn't use the commands /buy /sell /prices /undo /pay then you are good to go. If not then I can try and add other commands you can use under the name /econ or something.
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    Heya Vandolis!

    Thanks for the great plugin. Now we finally have a proper way to get the Netherworld stuff without "cheating" by using the server commands. I especially like that you've kept it simple with easy-to-use commands.

    I've looked through the files a bit and noticed a longer number in the users.txt which can be found again in the shops.txt. I take this is the shop-ID?
    So it would in theory be possible to create different shops for each user?
    If that's the case it would be great if you could configure the items individually for each shop, so you can have multiple shops for different user (groups).

    The, in my humble opinion, ultimade addition would be the possibility to make sign-shops (or any other kind of in-game shop - signs seem an easy way to do this). I think the possibility to make in-game shops (specialty shops for example) in addition to a global shop (for essentials) would be great for any town (although it should be configurable in the parameters so each admin can decide if they want to use sign-shops).

    A possible shop sign would perhaps look like this:
    [shop id code]​
    either free text or
    shop name (automatically filled?)
    (Of course the placement of these signs / entry of the shop-code would have to be limited otherwise players would just duplicate the shop everywhere even if the forced id-entry would mean that only admins could set it up...)

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    Small bug report: You might want to use a String.trim() on the lines of your config files....
    I just had an error because I had excess spaces behind a number in the items.txt [​IMG]
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    ok well at the moment the sign shop doesn't use any of those commands but the sign shops will be a pain to have them sell everything the players need, I am gonna need to wait for a global shop on something else that doesn't use these commands of edit the command names of another global shop plug-in
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