[UnSolved] Level-Name won't change.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Gunnerrrrr, Mar 27, 2013.

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    In the server.properties, I am trying to change the name of the level-name=, but it is not working.

    It just reverts to the world I had before. I had the server turned off when I tried this, twice.

    Plugins: http://prntscr.com/y5w2q
    CB 1.5.1 R0.1
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    Gunnerrrrr Wait, so are you trying to rename the current world or generate a new one?

    In the case of the former, I'd assume Multiverse would be guilty. You'd have to unload the world, rename the folder, and re-import it.

    In the case of the latter, again, just let Multiverse handle it. ;)
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    Trying to change the name to a world that already exists. I tested this on my test server and it just creates a nether and end for the world (if not already created)

    The world was already unloaded with multiverse, but why would i need to delete it? I'm only trying to change the default world not erase it.
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    No, you don't have to delete it. I was just saying that you should unload it first (seems as though you already have done so, though).

    Let me also ask, did you rename the world's folder when changing? That may be the culprit.
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    No I did not. But this should work because I did it on my test server, which is a copy of my main server.

    Also, renaming the folder would do what? Both of the worlds name don't need to change
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    Gunnerrrrr Renaming the folder simply changes what folder Bukkit will use when loading the world because it needs a directory to load data from. So that means if you leave your world folder as "world1" and want your new world as "world2" but don't change the folder name, Bukkit will look for the "world2" folder. Since it doesn't exist, it just creates a new world inside a "world2" folder.

    Same goes for Multiverse since it uses Bukkit methods.

    EDIT: Attempted to fix run-on sentence.
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    It does exist though, the world i'm trying to change it to already exist.
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    So just rename the folder of the world you want to use to the one you specify in server.properties.

    Or did I misunderstand your question? :confused:
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    Currently, the level-name=PVP
    I want to change it to level-name=events

    Both of these worlds already exist and have folders with regions and stuff in it.


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    But what do you want to do with the other world? Do you want to keep it or not?

    If you want to get rid of the existing "events", just remove the existing "events" folder.
    If you don't want to get rid of it, just rename it to something else.

    Then, change "PVP" to "events", go to your server.properties, and change level-name to events.
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    I'l explain this fully.

    My world named "PVP" is the default world (in the server.properties) and I need to regen it, which multiverse doesn't let you do if it's the default world. I did delete the region files, but i need to rename the default world anyways.

    "events" is my main world on the server anyways, so I need to keep it. I did what you said on my test server with renaming the worlds, and it seemed to regenerate the world which I can't do.
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