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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by matija131, Nov 20, 2019.

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  1. Hey guys, I need a plugin that will keep a specified item at the specified slot in your inventory at all times! (in config) Player shouldnt be able to drop it, move it in the inventory, and when he dies the item has to despawn right away or not even be dropped so other players cant pick it up, and he has to respawn with that item. Lets say a stick has to be in the 9th slot of your hotbar at all times no matter what. Everyone on the server needs to have that item there! When they right click that item it has to run a command as a player (a command that will also be specified in the config)

    I need it for 1.8, if you got any questions feel free to ask!
    Thanks in advance! :D

    EDIT: Name and lore of the locked item also needs to be configurable
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  3. I cant seem to get it working, it doesnt lock the slot nor respawn me with the item, I also dont want the plugin to have any permissions, but thanks
    EDIT: I also just noticed my console was spammed with error messages
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    Hi matija131! o/

    I made the plugin as requested, tell me if you encounter any problems.
    It should be fairly self explanatory, but feel free to ask if you have any questions ^^
    In the config you'll find two example items with a name and lore, which both works with color codes.

    Here it is, hope you can use it! c:
  5. Thanks alot, works as expected but there is a problem that could potentialy cause issues!
    The item I set in the config (lets say a stick) can be duplicated! If you click on it twice in a row you can move it to a different slot and if you place any item in that slot which should be locked its gonna be replaced by that stick, which you can also double click and move out the slot, and you can keep repeating this until you fill your inventory with stacks of sticks!
    I hope you can fix this :)

    EDIT: Here is a gif to help you understand
    This happens when you double click the item

    EDIT2: Just realized it only happends in creative mode, not it survival!
    So the plugin does work fine!
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    I can't seem to recreate what you are describing. The item pickup event get's cancelled, so I have no way of picking it up from the inventory even with a macro.. Can you record it to show the behavior? Have you changed the config?

    EDIT: Perfect! Guess I don't have to look into it then c:
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