Unlootable/Undroppable Items Enchantment

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    Suggested name: Undroppables

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that adds an "undroppable" or "unlootable" enchantment to the game. This enchantment could be added to an Essentials kit or added to an item with the in-game /enchant command.

    When a user drops an undroppable item it should de-spawn and disappear. Nobody should be able to pick up the item or receive it. The user also should not be able to drop the item in another inventory, such as a chest, crafting table, or furnace (the item just plops back to the users inventory).

    Ideas for commands: Would like for it to be added with the /enchant command but any other command is fine (e.g. /undroppable)

    Ideas for permissions: Possibly undroppables.allowdrop for OP's by default, so the item can still be dropped by an OP.
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    Coming right up! Gimme 2-3 days.
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    I will work on this as well. ;)
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    Done! Awaiting approval on BukkitDev! I will notify you when it is approved :)
    drago0155 First :p
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    Alright thanks guys just let me know :)
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