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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Fragarachu, May 4, 2019.

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    I request two plugin for my private server, RPG themed. Both of those plugins involves with warp.

    Plugin Name : UnlockWarp
    Minecraft Version : 1.13.2 (Legacy for those versions under <1.13)
    Plugin Desc : Unlock Warp is a plugin that adds warp commands to the server - but it's not simple as that, you need to unlock that warp each player by right-clicking a sign, and to right click that sign, you need money. <Vault>

    Sign text for unlocking a warp:
    Line 1: [UNLOCK] (Blue colored)
    Line 2: <Warp Name>
    Line 3: <Price>
    Line 4:

    After a player right clicks a sign like this, they can warp at the spot near the sign - and they cannot lock the warp unless by an admin command: "/uwarp lock <warp> <player>" or to lock specific warp from all players:
    "/uwarp lock <warp> all" or to lock all warp from specific player: "/uwarp lock all <player> OR ALL for both warps and player.

    After they unlocked the warp, they can warp to that place. /uwarp <warp> (OR just /warp, but i think it can conflict a mod like Essentials) Add permissions, like uwarp.createsign, uwarp.admin

    Plugin Name : WarpScroll
    Minecraft Version : 1.13.2 (Or legacy version for <1.13.2)
    Plugin Desc : WarpScroll is a plugin that lets admins to create a scroll that when right clicked, warps to specific location without price. To create the scroll, /warpscroll create <name>, <displayname>, then assign a location to that scroll, /warpscroll assign <name> here (By here that means the coordinates that the player is standing)
    OR /warpscroll assign <name> <world> <x> <y> <z>. Then, to give the scroll, /warpscroll give <name> <player>. Add permissions, like warpscroll.admin .

    The scroll item is paper, with the name "Warp Scroll", the desc is <displayname>.
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