Problem/Bug unknown teleport delay makes inventory messed up

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kampuman, Jul 7, 2015.

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    I have 2 different worlds the Main hub world where player spawn when they join and Skywars world. Well I don't know why but when I teleport to SkyWars world then disconnect to the server then after I join again to the server it spawns me to the last checkpoint of SkyWars world then around 2-3 seconds it teleports me back to Main hub spawn point. Now what happen here because of the delay the items from skywars overwrites the items of Main hub items which is wrong coz I have my own set of main hub items.

    I'm not using any teleport delay plugin as if it doesn't show any Teleporting in..321 text.

    Is there any plugin that can spawn a player to the main hub everytime they join without delay that can overwrite the last checkpoint?

    Update 2. It also happens with other worlds.
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    When a player sends the command to switch to a different server or world (depends on if you're using Bungee Cord or a multi-world plugin), you should have the inventory saved somehow and when they come back, the inventory is updated to the saved inventory. I hope this helped.
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