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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by veins_vgf, Oct 30, 2013.

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    I know this isn't the official forums for them, but since they don't have a forum...and since they haven't responded to my emails in days... I was hoping to get some answers here.

    Specifically, i'm just wondering how / or IF it's even possible...

    Because I only run Creative server...where most players start with everything anything.

    So i'm kind of wondering what my options would be for making money.

    #1 My initial thoughts are introducing rare items....that aren't in-game yet. and would need to be purchased. First how would I obtain those, and being able to incorporate them as purchasable items ?

    #2 A subscription type service for the server. (i would hate to do this...as everything is currently free...and generally around 20 people online on the server at any time)

    #3 The VIP or special rank thing.... do these appear on the person's profile in-game? I read their faq's but it didn't specify exactly how these display or where they display for purchasing members.

    I appreciate any help.
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    The Fancy Whale

    Are you using the free edition or are you paying?
    #1 You would have to run mods on your server rather than just plugins. That would probably be a pain.
    #2 Buycraft allows for subscription style.
    #3 Buycraft just charges people and exectues commands. You would have to have a plugin that has ranks and when someone buys a rank have buycraft do /rank {PLAYERNAME} (rank)
    Also i would suggest enjin's shop because it lets you do the paid buycraft stuff for free.
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    BuyCraft itself doesn't actually modify anything about your server, it just executes a command once when a package is being purchased. But there are some approaches on how to achieve #1-3 via commands.
    1. Use /item with some arguments. You'll even be able to set lore to an item along with enchantments
    2. Temporarily assign a group, e.g. via AzRank
    3. You let BuyCraft change the permissions group of that player, the display of the rank should be done by your chat format plugin (e.g. MChat, nChat or EssentialsChat)
    //Edit: Sorry for the l8-post, The Fancy Whale
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    Check out the Buycraft knowledgebase over at http://support.buycraft.net this should help answer most of your questions, it also has some tutorials of how to create certain packages!

    Also if you have any other questions feel free to email (email link on support page), or catch us on live chat, we will be happy to help with your installation of Buycraft!
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    thx for the intel.

    Sounds like Enjin and Buycraft both have a ton of improvements in the future to work on then.

    If I was on either of their management teams, priority #1 would be to try to simplify things as much as possible, and give server owners almost everything they need.

    #1 The Ranks plugin.
    #2 Rare, awesome looking in-game items that are ONLY available exclusively from Enjin or Buycraft.

    Both of these would definitely cause sales to surge...seeing how easily and streamlined paypal transactions generally are these days.

    #3 another thing that would be great...that I just thought of. Is for people that initially offer free servers like myself. Give all members a free initial trial on the server... with the amount of free time available that we can specify. For instance, after 7 days ....or after a month... (once their lured in and loving the server) they have to start paying...but it could be very cheap. $1 a month , etc.
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