"Underground Terra" - a terraria-styled world generator

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    Plugin category: world generation

    Suggested name: Underground Terra

    What I want: This plugin will mainly change the way caves are like. Underground Terra will add layers, and biome-specific cave walls, as well as traps and loot chests. The things this will have is:
    • Random underground houses with 1-3 loot chestsinstead of solid stone, more dirt is common higher up, and stone is more common lower down. for example, near sea level, there are random stone patches scattered about. but the deeper you dig, the more danger there is.
    • a higher sea level, preferred at y level 128
    • at y level 40 and below, lava pools are common
    • at y level 20 and below, you will reach the under world. there is more air near the ceiling of the under world and you will find lava pools, nether fortresses, and nether mobs spawning. no overworld ores will spawn down here. they will spawn above it. also, soul sand will be the ceiling material.
    • at y level 64, stone is more common than dirt, and above, dirt is more common
    • in any cold biome, the underground blocks will change. dirt will be snow, and stone will be packed ice. the under world will not be affected by this.
    • the Jungle will have Broun stained clay at the "mostly dirt layer", and stone will be in the "mostly stone layer". again the under world will not be affected.
    This plugin will go key with the other two plugins i will be suggesting. Blood moons, and Corruption.

    Ideas for commands: No commands will be needed. just Multi-world support.

    Ideas for permissions: none
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