Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by TGRHavoc, Dec 2, 2014.

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    I just saw that Bukkit have changed their santa hat to a different hat with the text "#unbanlukegb"..
    lukegb was banned? What for? And who changed the santa hat? So many questions... Is this some sort of conspiracy? Do aliens exist?
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    TGRHavoc I saw a post he made about not being able to see any of the forums or threads.
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    :O That's ludicrous.. You have the link handy?
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    This was actually sort of a joke. I noticed that the santa hat image was still an imgur image on my account so I decided to have some fun since I couldn't log in to the forums :(

    I believe it's been removed now. Hopefully they'll fix my account just as quickly.
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    Heh. Good show my good sir.

    I do indeed hope they fix your account, being how there are staff on right now...
  7. Well, just to round this up and make sure that all those questions are answered...

    Apparently some sort of bug, but one not relating to permissions. Who knows what happened, but hopefully it'll fix itself soon.

    But of course that was lukegb, who else? :p Like I said yesterday in IRC, lukegb is still somewhat integrated into Bukkit's system in a few places despite resigning. Most notable would probably be the error message that's been going about which is signed with his name, and of course the image that happened here. Unfortunately I missed it, but glad you got a screenshot of it ^^

    Probably not, but undoubtedly there are people that could make a theory about it that inexplicably convinces a number of people.

    Probably, but none that we've seen.

    Phew! I think that's all of them :)
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    AdamQpzm Thanks for clearing that last question up. That one was really worrying me :p
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    Poor luke :c
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    lukegbtest You changed the Santa hat because you thought you were banned?
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    This is funny.
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    rip in peace lukegb.
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