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    Suggested name: UHC MATCHES

    What I want: A uhc (Ultra hardcore) plugin. I want it to have 5 commands. /join, /team, /team confirm, /team deny. /join should put you on a list and then when the match is starting soon it broadcasts to the whole server "UHC Solo is starting in _ minutes! Type /join to play!". /team should allow you to send a request to another player and then that player has to type /team confirm or /team deny to become a team member with the other player. When people type /team confirm it should put them on a list and when people type /join it puts them on a different list. Also in the background of this plugin it should have a timer for about 120 minutes for the solo world and the teams world. They should be diferent timers.When the match for solo starts it should look at the list of people who typed /join and teleport them to a world called UHC-SOLO. The same thing with the people who are teaming. When the match starts for teams it should look at the list of people who teamed and teleport them to a world called UHC-TEAMS. After the match ends it needs to regenerate a new seed for that world everytime. The people who are teamed should be put right next to each other. When the timer ends and the match begins after 120 minutes and it scatters the people who joined the match it should also set their health and hunger to full. Clear their inventory, and get their gamemode to hardcore. They shouldnt be able to regen any hearts unless they eat a golden apple.

    Ideas for commands: /join, /team, /team confirm, /team deny

    Ideas for permissions: uhcm.join, uhcm.team, uhcm.*

    When I'd like it by: july 1st if possible.


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  3. common guys i really need this. i want to make a big server.
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    If you would be patient.. there has been a post already made about this. I'm working on it, however I don't have very much experience with Java (or any OOP for that matter), so it's going to take me a bit.

    I will be releasing my first version of it soon, however there are many features that won't be in it initially while I learn how to more efficiently code in Java.
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