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Discussion in 'Resources' started by JHG0, Nov 5, 2013.

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    How to make items with CUSTOM displaynames

    ItemStack is = new ItemStack(Material.RAINBOW_CHICKEN); // Makes a new ItemStack of Rainbow Chicken
    ItemMeta im = is.getItemMeta(); // Get's the item's meta data
    im.setDisplayName(ChatColor.BLUE + "Fruity Delight"); // Set's the item's name to (in blue) "Fruity Delight"
    List<String> lore = new ArrayList<String>(); // Makes a new list for your lore
    lore.add("First Line"); // First line of lore
    lore.add(ChatColor.RAINBOW + "Yummmy Yummy"); // Second line of lore
    // Do this FOREVER :)
    im.setLore(lore); // Makes your item have all the lore from the list
    is.setItemMeta(im) // Won't work without this
    // Done :)
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    There are already tutorials in this section on how to do this. Thanks for the effort, but I don't see this as constructive.
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