[Tutorial] 1.7.x Protocol changes

Discussion in 'Resources' started by CaptainBern, Dec 2, 2013.

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    CaptainBern Retired Staff

    Hello all,
    Since version 1.7 the minecraft protocol has been massively updated (in a good way) .
    The packet names have also been changed since there are now 4 types of packets.
    The first group:
    Handshaking (id = -1);

    the second group:
    Play (id = 0);

    the third group:
    Status (id = 1);

    the fourth group:
    Login (id = 2);

    Each of those types is divided in two groups, the Packet<Type>In[packet name] and the Packet<Type>Out[packet name]. Ofcourse the In-packets are the ones that are comming in, and the out-packets are the ones that are being send to the client.

    Ofcourse you will have to decompile the craftbukkit.jar with a tool like jd-gui and then you can see yourself what is changed.

    Well I assume you came here because you wan't to know how to send packets, Look no longer! Click here!

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    drtshock Retired Staff

    https://github.com/bukkit/craftbukkit ;o
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    CaptainBern Retired Staff

    drtshock Well, didn't knew that was already updated :p
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    drtshock Retired Staff

    Granted, that's not *every* class :3 But much easier for a lot of things :)
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    CaptainBern Retired Staff

    drtshock yep, at the end you only need the packetname + field values.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Discussion about unofficial builds removed.
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    The first word I saw was handshaking and I'm like 'Is he sure this is related to Protocol Changes'? Does this person want a handshake or something?
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    *Handshakes a dog wearing a christmas hat*
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    Just broke physics.
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    CaptainBern Retired Staff

    xTrollxDudex I made this thread to give info about the new protocol, in no way it's a replacement for your thread <3
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    Info about packet sending too! You could've made it less confusing and include the protocol info in your *friendly throat clear* other protocol changes thread :p
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