Trying to submit my plugins, but only response I get from staff is a link to guidelines

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by lorenzo_p, Aug 13, 2019.

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    • No need to use bad language
    I've been trying to submit my plugins to dev bukkit, but they were rejected and I was given a link to the guidelines. Okay... Yes, I have read this page before I submitted. I ask for some help, please tell me what I need to change to get this approved. What reply do I get, another link to the guidelines and no other information. I ask again, and again I get only a link. FUCK YOU.
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    Machine Maker

    Hmm, no need for strong language, but the most common issues are you don’t have an option to turn off stats collection or auto updates. Or you have your player uuid in the code somewhere as a special case.
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    They pissed me off. I get nothing but rude useless answers. The one plugin is a simple world generator. No stats or updater or player uuid. The only response I get from them is a link to the guidelines. Okay, so what is the problem?! I am doing this work for free in my spare time. I'm not putting up with such poor support when I am contributing to their website and only asking it be approved or tell me what the problem is. Its very simple.

    If it were only a simple automated system sending me a link to the guidelines, fine. In this case no, it is a real person entering the message, multiple times, always giving me nothing more than a link to a page I already read before I even submitted. If they want to give me a response, then give me something helpful, or at the very least an attempt at being helpful. I explained each time, I already read the guidelines, simply tell me the problem and I will fix it! Nooooo, I only get the link again. Fuck you staff.

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    @timtower Any thoughts on this?

    Yo, chill. The same thing happened to me the first time I submitted a project. Here are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem:
    1. Go through your code and optimize everything you can. Have debug messages everywhere? Have large comment blocks of unused code? Have repeated lines? Delete them.
    2. Make sure your plugin is open source by default. Set up a github page, or include the source code in the jar. The latter really helps mods here. [Edit] Also, make sure you're not obfuscating your code, and that they can read it. That's part of the rules.
    3. When you first submit the file, make sure it only has the bare minimum in it. If you're not sure whats getting your plugin rejected, remove everything but the essentials, that way you can narrow it down.
    And although yes, you are donating your free time to this project, BukkitDev is just a host. You're doing this all voluntarily.

    Also, if its really that bad, you can always go to spigot and see what it takes to be accepted there.
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    @Zombie_Striker the code is already the minimum needed to do what it does. it's clean and organized, and it's open source. it could be documented better, but I've provided a clear example how to use the plugin and will document better later if needed. if this is the problem, very easy to tell me so.

    if I wrote a disaster of a jar, then yes, I should remove things. I write clean code and submit a clean jar. there is nothing or very little I can remove.

    you see this message? what in this message tells me what I need to do? last line says if I have any questions, contact support. okay, I contact support multiple times. they tell me this same fucking message every time! and I have to wait more than a day to get that same useless response. keep wasting everyones time! I am not happy.

    I have a second plugin I would like to submit next, which is an original idea and no other plugins do what this does. it would be useful to a few people if they can find it. I thought I'd submit a much simpler plugin first, a world generator. oooh I'm having a wonderful experience submitting my simpler plugin. I can't fucking wait to submit something more complicated!
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    I will continue waiting for an answer. it's sad, all I want to know is what I need to change. what guideline am I missing.
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    If your plugin is open source, you could just post the source. Maybe someone here who's gone through such problems might know what the issue is when looking at the code.
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    sure thing, here's my code.!FlatWorldGenerator.git
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    Source is clean but likely isn't the problem anyway. What's the contents of your project page?
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    see attached screenshot. it's simple and to the point. I say what it is and give a detailed example.

    can someone from staff move this thread to the proper forum "BukkitDev Information and Feedback" and remove this message for me, thank you. my gripe isn't with forum staff.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Forwarding this to the correct staff.
    But there is no need to attack anybody.
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    it pissed me off, I ask the same simple question multiple times and I get pushed off with a link to guidelines every time. don't waste both of our time with this. I only wanted one simple phrase directing me to what the problem is. I finally got my answer after all this frustration. I'm sorry I got so frustrated, I needed to vent.
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    @lorenzo_p Then please vent the bad words in private next time. Not on a forum.
    Glad that you got an answer in the end.
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