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    I am currently working on a plugin suite for my server that will allow players to play in two factions.
    The way it works is that unless a raid has been started, Protection is on between the two factions (Empire and Barbarians) Raids will have a long cooldown and a player minimum for both the attackers and defenders, to make sure that the wars are used for fun and not grief.
    The way the protection is different from any other plugin is that it uses infinite zones, however your map may not suit this very well, conveniently on my map the Barbarian side is exactly above -840 on the Z axis. Meaning that anywhere below that is Empire land and anything above is obviously Barbarian land. I will have to think about customizing this later through a config file, if people are interested in me releasing this plugin.
    The other part of the plugin is the general commands, clearly I can't be having Empire/Barbarian players: Talking to, Teleporting to, Giving money ect. to the opposing faction. So I will work on a General commands plugin fork that will block said things. I have already finished the base of the protection, and am working on the raids part.

    My Question is: Would anyone be interested on playing on or having this mod on their server? I would really appreciate any thoughts of comments.
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    Ive been wanting something like this for a while now. Hwo do you plan on making joining factions work? Would it be possible to auto-assign players to the team with less people (or maybe to the team that is lacking activity) That would make it perfect.
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    Very nice idea! I am using Permissions right now but I'm thinking strongly about making my own group files to make it a lot easier to edit players groups. I can see how to code that auto-assign in my head now. And if I get round to making a config file, I will try to include this for you :)
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