Filled Tracking Plugin for 1.14.4

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by corpe4, Oct 3, 2019.

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    Hello I am looking for a tracking plugin that uses Diamond, obsidian, and gold. You may already be familiar with this concept because it was first seen on Mcpvp's server years back, or on brawls current raid server. It has been remade many times but after many attempts to find one that works for the current Minecraft version I have decided to come here.

    LewtTrack was the latest release for minecraft 1.13 but it no longer works.

    To keep this short I added a 10 minute video that will easy explain how I would like this to work.

    Commands wanted for this plugin:
    /track all (Shows all the players in the distance of the tracker)
    /track (player name)

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    Why doesn't it work? Show some logs
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    Nothing shows up in the console about it other than it being activated. /track all works but it doesnt show results when a player is within the tracker, it shows how far the tracker is tracking each direction North east south and west and thats's it. Not only will it not let me track the player but the player doesn't even show up in the results either.
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