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    Warpy - The compact warping plugin.
    Version: v1.0.0.0

    Warpy is a simple warp plugin inspired by SimpleWarp. At the moment, it only has a few features, but the ones it does have are highly tested and "polished".

    Permissions support is complete! If you don't have Permissions, only OPs can add and remove warps.


    warpy.warp - Warp (Well, no, it lets you throw cake)
    warpy.add - Lets you add warp and OP-only warps
    warpy.remove - Lets you remove warps
    warpy.list - Lets you list warps


    showWorlds (boolean) - True to display world names next to warps, otherwise false. True by default.


    /warp [warpName] - Warps to the warp point with the specified name
    /addwarp [warpName] <opOnly> - Adds a warp point with the specified name
    /removewarp [warpName] - Removes a warp point with the specified name
    /listwarps <worldName> - Lists all of the available warps, with the option of limiting it to a certain world. If you aren't an op, it doesn't list any op-only warps.

    • Ability to list warps from both the console and the server
    • Ability to add and remove warps as an op
    • Ability to warp to pre-defined locations
    • Cross-world warping
    • Op-only warps
    • Full compatibility with Permissions
    Download the plugin
    View the source code on GitHub


    • Added full Permissions support
    • Added a configuration value for listing worlds next to warps
    • Added op-only warps
    • Added exception handling
    • Updated to build against #953
    • Initial release

    Show Spoiler

    Details when loading

    Listing the warps in the console

    Attempting to warp in the console

    Listing warps ingame

    Deleting warps ingame (including one that does not exist)

    Creating warps ingame (including one that already exists)

    Listing no warps

    Warping (including one that doesn't exist)

    Example of multiple worlds

    Example of multiple worlds without world names


    Coming soon

    Just updated this to build against #953.

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    Once this has permissions support, I think I'll never delete it from my server. Thank you for making this plugin!
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    I suggest using a spoiler for all those screenshots
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    Done. Thanks, I forgot that BBCode even existed :)

    No, thank YOU for using it! :D

    I just saw that there's some permissions stuff going on in an experimental branch in Bukkit... I'll see where Dinnerbone gets with that; If it works well, I'll implement it instead of the Permissions plugin :)
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    hello, when I'm trying to add a warp point it says "An internal error occured while attempting this command" What should I do?
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    I tink you need to update to build #953
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    Hi krisgun, are you using the latest Craftbukkit build?

    If that's appearing, try looking in the server console for any errors
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    I already have the latest build. I looked in my server console and it says "Unhandled expetion executing command 'add warp'
    It also said that i was missing ebean.properties
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    Alright, I'll patch up a quick build that should give better exception details, then we can see what's really going wrong :)

    EDIT: There, it should have some better exception handling now
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    There should be a thing where you can make OP only warps, for example:

    /addopwarp (warpname)

    Also is it possible, if you add the op warps, to make it where non-OPs can't see the OP only warp when they list the warps?
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    Ah, thanks for the inspiration! I'll add something like that to 0.9.1 :)
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    Sweet man, thanks, it would help a bunch

    Also another idea . . . if possible, you could have it where only certain warps would be listed when someone typed in the warp list command.

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    Can do! :) Just having some trouble with database updates, but I should have an update out today some time

    Updated to version, adding op-only warps and a complimentary database upgrade.

    Please post here if the database upgrade fails; I had a lot of trouble with it, but it should work now

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    This sounds like a nice,simple plugin but when i started my server this is what came up after i put it in with the rest of the plugins (not sure if it affects the server in anyway, just thought i would share)

    [SEVERE] ebean.properties not found
    [INFO] DataSourcePool [Warpy] autocommit[false] translsolation[SERIALIZABLE] min[2] max[20]
    [INFO] SubClassFactory parent ClassLoader [org.bukkit.plugin.java.PluginClassLoader]
    [INFO] Entities enhanced[0] subclassed[1]
    ..............plugins later
    [INFO] Starting Warpy version
    [INFO] Loaded 0 warps
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    Hi Jesse, the SEVERE log is a glitch in CraftBukkit itself. It's because there's no file called ebean.properties, but it doesn't do anything at all

    I submitted a pull request to automatically create one, but it might be denied. If you really want to get rid of the log, just make an empty file called ebean.properties

    The other logs are normal; I thought they'd be debug only, but the devs might be removing it once Bukkit goes into a stable release

    EDIT: I just read the rest of your post properly; Sorry if I sound like a freak for trying to explain all of that! xD
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    Brilliant, simple and effective plugin! Thanks =)
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    Thank you, Goblin_Jelly! :)
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    I don't use multiple worlds on my server, so the "World:______" would add bulk to its function for me, any thoughts?
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    Dude, this plugin is coming together well! Just waiting for permissions, then I'll download it :) Thanks for all your hard work!
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    I guess I should add an option for that :p

    @HowdyDonut Thanks a bunch :)

    Updated to version, adding a configuration value for displaying worlds next to the warps

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    *PST* Add permissions! :D I am dying *eats pork* to try this thingy out man! :D
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    Alright, alright! Haha, I'll try to get that done today :)

    I've updated this to version

    Permissions support is DONE AND WORKING! :D

    (That was easier than I expected...)

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    YAY PARTAY!!!!! Thanks Cruz!!!!!!!!!!
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    Any time! :D
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    How do i make an op only warp?
    lets say i want 1 called cake
    Can u show me the exact command?
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    Sure, the command is /addwarp cake true

    You have to be standing where you want the warp to be created, though :p
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    I was using this just fine untill I installed Essencials now when I type /warp warpname it just sais /warp <warp> <player>

    Ive tried everything i can with the commands. I added the plugin to my groups.yml for essencials.

    Should I be posting this there? or something Im missing?

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    Oh... It looks like Essentials is taking precedence over Warpy :(

    I'll have to do some research and see if there's a way to make it so Warpy loads first, checks to see if the warp command matches Essential's, then either pass it on or execute :\

    If you want, warp has two aliases, dowarp and executewarp. They should work until I can find a fix <,<

    EDIT: According to some random guy on MSN, Essentials' YML configuration has a bit called disabled-commands. Adding warp there could fix it, not sure.
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    Ok I appreciate you checking into it. /setwarp and delwarp work for a new warping system. So its just getting users to use that instead of the other. But Warpy was very nice, easier to use and listing of the warps was cleaner and easy to read.

    I'll work on it abit today and see if i cant get it working.

    Thanks again :)

    p.s I am trying to learn permissions So i can get rid of essencials. But i need replacements for money system, and other things. My users want to buy and sell with chests and what not. which i conomy is being looked at for that.

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