[TP] Tele++ v1.3.4 - Full-featured teleportation suite - Moved to BukkitDev!

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    Tele++ v1.3.4
    The complete teleporting solution for bukkit powered servers
    Craftbukkit 1846

    This project has been moved to BukkitDev
    Please visit the new project page on BukkitDev http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/tpp/

    Project moved to BukkitDev

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    Players who have permissions for tpp.tp.player in world1 and haven't in world2 can teleport from world1 to player in world2.

    Are you planning to do something with this issue?
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    @sauevaem: This has already been resolved in v1.4 by checking permissions of target's world. The simple Permissions.has(player, permissionString) has been replaced by checking against world if target is in another world.

    e.g. /tp here <player> [world]
    If you pass or omit world it will check if player can teleport to your location. If the player does not have permission it will send you a message like "'PlayerName' doesn't have clearance to teleport to your location. Insufficient permissions for [world]."

    Same applies to any other multiworld related command. A complete list will be available as soon as v1.4 is out.

    Something to add to another bug found: If someone stands on a glassblock and you use the teleport command "/tp here <player standing on a glassed block>" then this glassblock will not vanish. This has also been fixed in 1.4.
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    Good to hear that. I can't wait to release.
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    Okely thanks for the good response.
  6. Edit: I found out why

    Okay :D It because there is a concflict with CommandBook, i simply using a costum commandbook with the TP commands and your plugins work prefectly.

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    @Calvin Alexander: Well, nice to hear that but it would be nice if you dont replace your post with your edit. So i can react on it if needed xD
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    Is there any possible way to disable TP Mover?
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    go in to or create the config file and under disable change mover to true
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    ThanksQ! :D
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    Bug with 1.3.4:

    When you're underwater you can no longer TP outside. You click to a say a mountain that is outside the water and nothing happens even though water is specified in through-blocks array.
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    @Phaed: Hmm this is because of blockIsAboveAir() check. When you use the tool with right click it works. But you're right this should work from underwater as well. Thanks for the bug report, ill check that.
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    Indeed maybe blockIsAboveAir should check for through blocks as well. For all intensive purposes treating water as air.
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    @phaed: Well actually it does check for throughBlocks but only above sea level ;) I have to debug this to get a definite answer to this. Actually i can only assume that the target block in your line of sight is not checked against it if under sea level.
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    I skimmed through this entire thread, but sorry if I missed more recent updates about this. I, too, am interested in the /tpa system. I was wondering how far along it is, and/or if you could use an extra hand on it. ^_^

    If you're almost done with /tpa, I was wondering if you had plans on adding WorldGuard integration. For example, maybe adding permissions to only allow people to /tp between regions they own, otherwise automatically alias /tp to a /tpa? If there are no such plans, would you be opposed if I worked on such a feature?
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    Users can't teleport to the server administrator and OP. BUG?
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    update? :(
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    What do you want to say? Update to 798 or 803? As the officials stated, there were no API breaks. So there will be no update. Espacially that it works with 798 on my server!

    Maybe testing on your own could be faster, than "asking" here. Although it isn't asking if it is working. You simply say that he should update. Answer would be: "Done use 1.3.4!".

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    @arpey: Nah, no problem =) Well, the tpa system can be adapted from the current request system so the code is present but it has to be adapted for that purpose. As i was very involved into real life i didnt worked on it on that weekend.

    But im planing to continue my work on 1.4 on thursday or wednesday.

    @arsjet: no, this is by purpose. If you gave tpp.mod.* to the admin this includes noTP permission flag. This is like a permanent "teleportation toggled off" flag. Only administrators that have set tpp.admin.bypass.notp set can override this. To get it straight: if you are a normal user you cant teleport to moderators or admins.

    @Bharel: Well, i dont expect 1.3.4 will break in any future versions as it doesnt use any "special" features. I simply lacking of time currently and because im focusing on 1.4 i missed updating the thread header. Ill update the thread as soon ive updated my dev server to current RB and checked every single command in 1.4. But as i said i was very busy those days xD
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    Alright. Any ideas about WorldGuard integration? (And whether you're even interested in having such a feature in the plugin.)

    More importantly, I forgot to say thanks for your hard work. I'm a fan of your plugin! :)
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    Psycho Robot

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is tpa? Additionally, I had an idea about a modified version of requesting teleportation... I have a creative server and I want players to be able to teleport to other players. It would also be nice if I could allow players to teleport other players to them. However, without some sort of control, it wouldn't work. I was thinking that when a player requested to teleport another player to them, the targeted player would be notified of the request and could accept or deny. Players could stop requesting from appearing via a similar command to /tp toggle, like /tp here toggle. Perhaps there could even be multiple levels for both /tp toggle and /tp here toggle: 1. block all requests, 2. show a confirmation for all requests, and 3. auto accept all requests.
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    @arpey: Well, at the moment im focusing on basics like "clean command interface" or "extending tpp with needed functionality like multi-world support in nearly every command". WorldGuard is currently not on the list but i will write it down into my TODO-List.

    Atm teleportation is done via permissions check. By integrating WorldGuard that would mean that some features has to do some extra checks if it is enabled. This would also mean that the internal structure has to be redesigned. As 1.4 has gained some modularity because of internal structure changes this would be possible but im not planning to do this in 1.4 release. Maybe later =)

    You may want to thank Phead too as he has done the main work =)

    @Psycho Robot: Well the request system is currently bridged over moderators or admins. That means if you request a teleport a moderator has to take it and accept it. Ill adapt this system so that it is possible to do a direct request to another player if he has not toggled teleportation to its location off.

    When this is done i would recommend disabling one of the systems. E.g. if you want to use the moderator-bridged request-take system disable direct requests.

    I'll think about multiple toggle levels but in my opinion having togglers for each direction is somewhat useless. If i dont want that a player can teleport to my location then why should I allow them teleporting me to him? This is like a german proverb "If the mountain won’t come to the prophet the prophet must go to the mountain" furthermore there is no "back" system for remote teleportation currently present. I would get angry if someone teleports me to him but i thought "hey teleportation is toggled" ...
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    Understood. I didn't even think about multi-world support. And with 1.6 having proper Nether, that would become useful. :-D

    Honestly, now that I think of it, the reason why I'd like WG support is so that people don't teleport into regions they don't own. However, if /tpa gets implemented, it won't even matter that much, since individuals could just reject the request. (/tp toggle is useful, but people just forget to use it.) Anyway, just thinking out loud; this makes me even more excited about /tpa support.

    And thanks to Phead, too! :)
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    Is this broken as of 803, because it will no longer work. Was working great though :)
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    Psycho Robot

    While it certainly makes sense to feel that if a player wouldn't want to someone to teleport to them, that we should automatically assume they don't want players to be able to teleport them, but it becomes less obvious when you think about it the other way. If a player doesn't want to be teleported to someone else, is it reasonable to assume that they also refuse to allow people to teleport to them? Its my opinion that granularity in settings is never a bad thing. That said, you made valid points against it, and if you choose not to take my suggestion, I won't take it personally, or throw a brick through your window or anything.
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    @Psycho Robot: Thanks for your comment. As soon it is possible to remote modify the teleported player's history after a /tp here player so that the teleported player can do a /tp back ill think about fine grading those options.

    @phaed: short update about underwater teleport issue. This is because onPlayerInteractEvent() is not triggered when underwater and not pointing to a nearby block. It had nothing to do with internal structure. See http://leaky.bukkit.org/issues/812. Only onPlayerAnimation() is called underwater when not pointing to a nearby block.

    Im currently testing if everything works fine when i switch teleportation to onPlayerAnimation() to fix this and only setCancleEvent(true) in onPlayerInteract(). Because cancelEvent is only needed when pointing to a nearby chest or another interactable block.

    But the thing is .. PlayerAnimationEvent dont includes getAction() and is not convertable to PlayerInteractEvent(). Furthermore LEFT_CLICK_BLOCK is not triggered but RIGHT_CLICK_BLOCK is ... thats quite strange. Ill see how to create a workaround for that without breaking anything =)

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    Wish there was a /tp <player> to <world> <x> <y> <z>
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    @Fluff: In 1.4 there is =)
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    The 815 does not work.
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