[TP] Tele++ v1.3.4 - Full-featured teleportation suite - Moved to BukkitDev!

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by lycano, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Tele++ v1.3.4
    The complete teleporting solution for bukkit powered servers
    Craftbukkit 1846

    This project has been moved to BukkitDev
    Please visit the new project page on BukkitDev http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/tpp/

    Project moved to BukkitDev

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    How does this differ from the original?

    EDIT: Never mind, I found the thread where he asked people to take over.
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    Brody Romhanyi

    does this mod now work with the minecraft 1.5 update?
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    Yea, I use 709 and all works fine!
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    Hi there, as far as i know it is working ^^ ill release an update on sunday that will change the tp world behavior. It currently teleports you to the new world according to your current location if you do not set x y z. If you supress those args it will then teleports you to the newworlds spawn.
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    Any chance you can just leave it so it tp's you to the equivalent position.... surely that makes more sense.... and then if you want to go to spawn in the other world have a command like tp <worldname> -spawn
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    @Mentioum: hmm i would consider this as an option to do so if you want to use your current coordinates. If you can give me some reasons for not changing this ill consider it.

    The problem is .. if you teleport someone to another world the coordinates you have in your current wold will most likely not fit into the other world. Which means that you would be teleported into space or underground.

    Furthermore if you use this command and noone visitied this place before you would generate unneeded chunks by using it (thats bad). You have to teleport to your spawn after that anyways because nothing is there and you cannot now whats in the other world at this exact location. Or if you dont use the spawn command you would generate more chunks by teleporting around.

    But as i said im open for opinions. Tell me why this shouldn't be changed.

    Edit: I can offer you to add a command that gets your current position (x,y,z) so that you can give those as an argument. It would then act like before but with options. Maybe i could add this as an configureable option. "tp to spawn" or "tp according to your current location". Furthermore i think it would be usefull to add an argument that checks your current position and pass this automatically to this command. In addition something like /tp who <username> would be useful too to make it easier to use.
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    Thanks, well I like the fact I can generate the equivalent position in the other world and if it is outside the map border (pretty rare since I run several -8000,-8000 to +8000 +8000 map). It's kind of like going into a second dimension if you know what I mean sort of Soul Reaver style or like in Darksiders. Having it as a configurable option would obviously be the nicest option though.

    Thanks for hearing my opinion.
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    @Mentioum: I really like your thought about "second dimension" but dont hate me if ill decide to set the default behavoir to spawn ;)

    I did run some tests by request from user flames and it turned out that this happens a lot if you teleport from a hill or underground / near groundlevel where the destination world isnt explored. Maybe I could nice this a bit if there is no position to spawn that youll be moved to ground level but as the map will be generated on "visit" this could be hard to implement as youll fall through non generated stuff. Have to check it out.
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    Hello, how far are you in implementing cooldowns/warmups? On my server the players are jumping around as fast as they have a feather. Especially they use macros on their keyboards to automatically typing this command.

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    Hate you? Come on now... don't be silly - I'm using your great plugin, I understand your opinion and choice and completely understand why you made it... hate...pah...respect.... probably more likely. :)

    As far as moving to the the other world in the same place I know that @Rigby90 has some solution to finding locations in ungenerated areas in other worlds in his Multiverse Plugin as he has his SP-like portals find a safe location to build on the other side in ungenerated territory. Might be worth asking them if you really did want to implement it and need a solution? They don't work In his current Multiverse but he/she has it working in his unreleased 2.0 version.

    Keep it up!
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    @xZise: currently im moving my domain to another hoster where i can setup a jenkins environment and my minecraft server. This cooldown stuff shouldn't take long so I think it could be done in the next or in the release after the next one. Means soon ^^

    @Mentioum: Thanks, ill contact him.
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    Well, the teleport method in the TeleportManager already does this. It converts the destination coordinates to chunk coordinates and loads the chunk:

        if (!world.isChunkLoaded(destination.getBlockX() >> 4, destination.getBlockZ() >> 4))
            world.loadChunk(destination.getBlockX() >> 4, destination.getBlockZ() >> 4);
    Then proceeds to look for a safe spot to place the player based on his destination coordinates:

        while (blockIsAboveAir(world, x, y, z))
            y -= 1.0D;
            if (y < -512)
            return false;
        while (!blockIsSafe(world, x, y, z))
            y += 1.0D;
            if (y > 512)
            return false;
    An extra safeguard could be added that checks for lava (or a configurable list of unsafe blocks) and it would prevent the player from spawning in an unsafe location.
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    I assumed it did since it works just fine for me :) but as @lycano said in post... uh#10 I think it doesn't always work for some people. I personally like the way it behaves. There is no tp-ing on my server. It is just for me to get around so I'm not really worried about people generating unwanted chunks e.t.c
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    @Mentioum: Just to be precise xD : I didnt refer to "the command works / not works". Looking at a post above #10 you'll notice i refered to the behavior of generating more chunks while beeing teleported. In detail: on laggy situations you'll fall through the bottom but later moved to a safe spot. BUT during this process it will generate chunks. Thats why i'll make this as an option because some ppl dont like this behavior.
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    Okely :) I understood. Precision is best and I agree with you.
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    Great plugin; I don't use it on my live server, but I do use it intensely for testing.

    The other day I had to travel two really far distances (over 2000 blocks) to test something, and I couldn't figure out how the hell I was going to get to -1000/-1000 and double back to reach 1000/1000, THEN do it in a multi-world setting. This plugin made it drastically easier to test since I had to jump back and forth a number of times.
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    Thanks! This reminds me of the good old days in Diablo 2 where i used to play a teleport Sorc but without the viewport limitation *blinkblinkblinkblink* *gosh! where am i?* :D
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    Has anyone confirmed this on 733?
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    @leetgamer: last time i checked it it did ;) See my second post in this thread. Im using this placeholder for status updates.
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    Any confliction with other tp plugins? Especially essentials? Would it override their commands and use these as default tp? (This is what i want)
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    @lycano Wow sorry that must have just gone over my head. Anyways, thanks for taking this plugin over, the General tp just doesn't do it for me. :)
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    @andrewkm: You can use it with Essentials. Furthermore you can allways use /tpp instead of /tp ^^

    @leetgamer: nah, nothing to apologize. Im trying to answer to any question =)
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    My suggestions for this plugin are as follows.

    TP CMD
    /tp me thunder on/off Will toggle harmless lightning strikes at destination you jump to on use of any teleport command.
    /tp other thunder on/off Will toggle harmless lightning strikes at destination you teleport others to.

    TP Tool
    /tp tool thunder on/off Will toggle harmless lightning strikes at destination on use of the tp tool.

    tpp.thunder.tp #will give the player the option to have a harmless lightning bolt to hit at destination.
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    @Eforen: thats a nice suggestion. I must admit i played around with this some days ago when the RB was released. As soon as the new host is up ill think about releasing it.

    Because of the current existing bugs in 1.5_02 i did focus on moving to another hoster thats why there is no current thread header update that indicates the compatibility of the new RB. It will be updated soon.
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    Brody Romhanyi

    im not sure which codes in config to change to make it so only ops and admins can tp and hav all of these tp ness someone help
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    @Brody-Romhanyi: See Permissions Section for further details and click on node details if you want to allow or disallow specific commands.

    The config file of Tele++ is not used for permission settings. You can disable some features globally via the config but note noone can use the disabled commands then =) See Configuration Section for further details and read the "Configuration Reference"-Section.
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    Hello, could you maybe add an option to permit downjumping with /tp jump?

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    Hi xZise, do you mean you stand on a glass block in air, look down and then type /tp jump?
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    No maybe I'm wrong, but I mean you look into the sky and used /tp jump. Maybe I mixed it up with the Essentials jump. If not everything is okay :p

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