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    MyHome v2.2
    Release Date: 1st March 2012
    Yes, MyHome 2.2 works on 1.2.3, Try it.

    Recommended Craftbukkit Build: 1.1-R4+

    Permissions Support:
    MyHome can use Permissions 2, Permissions 3, PermissionsEx, GroupManager, bPermissions, bPermissions2 plugins or the built-in SuperPerms to manage permissions and in some cases, user/group settings also.

    Economy Support:
    Supports iConony 4, iConomy 5, iConomy 6, BOSEconomy 6, BOSEconomy 7, EssentialsEco and MultiCurrency to allow charging for using MyHome commands. This is provided via Register

    Getting Help & Feature Requests:
    Please use the MyHome DevBukkit ticket system to report bugs and submit feature requests. There is also a forum where you can ask questions which are not ticket suitable.

    ChangeLog v2.2:

    Important: You will need to re-generate your config file as it has completely changed.
    • Fix: SuperPerms now correctly allows ops to run commands (when enabled)
    • Fix: Decreased the sensitivity of movement detection
    • R5: Updated to new event listeners
    • Localization: German Translations: Thanks to Maxs
    • Localization: Updated Russian Translations, Thanks to MisterFix
    • New feature: Only allow /home to be used within x blocks of their home point
    • Per user/group distance node: myhome.distance.home
    • New feature: Table name in the database can be changed
    • bPermssions 2 support
    • More cleanup and optimization
    • New config layout - remake your config! [New config.yml]
    New per user/group node:
    * myhome.distance.home - Maximum blocks away from their /home point that /home will work.

    Older changes (open)

    2.1b only: Fixed non PEx plugins failing because I am an idiot
    2.1a only: Fixed an NPE when using SuperPerms

    Important: Be sure to update the permissions if you allow players to bypass the economy costs.
    • A massive permissions overhaul to make things more reliable
      • bPermissions support added
      • SuperPerms support added
    • Feature Localizations (english, spanish and danish so far)
    • Feature: Some commands (like deleting homes) works via console
    • Bug Fix: Zero second timers no longer block in laggy servers
    • Bug Fix: Beds cannot /sethome if the user doesnt have that permission
    • Lots of cleanup (you wont see this bit).
    • Permission Change: Economy "free" permissions no longer included under myhome.home.*
    Permissions changes:
    (*) - Allow /sethome and /home usage for free
    ( - Allow /sethome usage for free
    ( - Allow /home usage for free

    Added /sethome which can be enabled in the config (Config: allowSetHome = false)
    The new /sethome uses the same permission as /home set so no extra permissions needed.
    Added a cooldown for setting the home position (Config: coolDownSetHome = 0)

    v1.9.4c - Unreleased (fixed with a symlink on the webserver):
    Fixed the update url going to lib/lib.

    Updated SQLite download urls.

    Added Manifests to JAR to fix lib issues

    Forked plugin from 1.9.3
    Fix for onPlayerJoin changes in Bukkit
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    Do you mean the half slabs blocks? If yes, I've fixed this problem in 2.0

    2.0 has economy support for: iConomy 4, iConomy 5, EssentialsEco and BOSEconomy. You can set the price for using /home and /sethome - However the other commands are not *currently* charged.

    * Limits: The Limits will be possible eventually and will use the same method as the group based cooldowns. I put the support for this in recently although need to make it actually use that function.

    * Requests: Requesting invites seems a bit excessive when you can just say "Hey X, invite me".

    * Charging for invites: Right now you get charged to use /home (if its enabled)

    * Where the money goes: I kinda like the idea that the home owner gets the money for people using their /home. However, I guess this might have to be on top of the price for /home usage. (ie using an invited home cost = Server price + homeowner price). The homeowner could set their own price to get paid when people use their home.

    Because this is all you get on /home help, all the issues you listed are going to be permissions related problems. Does the player you're testing with have the appropriate permissions to use all the commands?
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    I'm another one of those cutting edge Permissions 3.x users who'd really like a link to the 2.x dev build ... and you can be certain that I'll report each and every bug I come across :)

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    I would like a link to 2.x Thanks.
  5. I mean really, who cares about all the new stuff introduced in 2.0? I just want to use /home, /home set, and /home delete without having to mess with my correctly-setted Permissions 3. As for the rest, I don't care. Why don't you just compile and release a 2.0 beta? Or why not just take the Perms 3 fix, put it in 1.9.5, and release as 1.9.6?

    Hell, when I'll understand how to compile a Bukkit plugin, I'll post here a link to the compiled 2.0 beta build for sure.
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    Can you please send me the link so I can test MyHome 2.0?
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    Unofficial downloads are highly discouraged, hence I've removed the download link (which seemed suspicious for me too) for the dev build someone posted. Any further uploads on that will be also deleted.
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    After some discussions a week or so ago with the Permissions team, I found out what the problem was with MyHome 2.0 and fixed that to work with Permissions 3..

    However, because so many people are now using Permissions 3 I have made an untested fix to MyHome 1.9.5 which you may find resolves your problems - - I just applied the same fix I did to MyHome 2.0 (some manifest issues) and this has not been recompiled.

    This fix may or may not work with Permissions 3. Please do your own testing before using it in a production environment.
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    Thx for the fix ... after deployment on my testserver I found all my Permissions 3.x problems were gone. I support the policy of keeping unstable dev builds out of the forum as much as possible ... but sometimes it's better to have a dev build that works 99% of the time than an old build that breaks everything 100% of the time.
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    There is another bug. If someone tries to /home while sitting in a boat, the client thinks he is getting kicked out of the boat and swimming in the water, being able to move around, while the server still thinks you´re in the boat. A way to reproduce this bug:

    - use a boat, go whereever you want
    - use /home
    - you´re just getting kicked out of your boat, no teleport. Swim/walk whereever you want
    - log out, log in
    - you´re in your boat again, almost exactly where you seemed to have left it

    Would be nice if this was fixed. Btw, when will there be an update for this really really great addon? Players on my server love it - including myself.
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    I like this bug lol. I'll see what I can do to fix it.

    MyHome 1.9.5 still works with bukkit RB and the link I posted a few posts up may work with Permissions 3. There is still one major feature I need to add to MyHome 2.0 before I would release it (Allow one home per world rather than one home per server)
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    love it keep up the good work i signed up just to tell you that. one suggestions is to enable the ability for admins to set other players homes like /home -o Otherplayersname so i can set players homes if need be. keep up the good work and thanks for being active in the thread i had a few questions answered just by browsing through here.
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    For myhome can you code in multiple homes with separate prices on each?

    And a config to define how many homes per player they can have.

    My players ask me every day pretty much for multiple homes.
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    Nice plugin! :)

    But i have a little problem with warmup and cooldown. I am playing on server with 40 players online, so server has some lags, and cooldown/warmup is longer than it should be. (From 12 minutes to 2 hours) Could you fix it pls? Thx
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    I have this lovely little issue where a player can do "/home set" to set a new home and then do "/home" to his hearts content and everything works perfectly.... until the server restarts.

    When the server restarts, doing /home takes the user to his old home instead. It's like it's not being saved on server shutdown or something. Ideas?
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    Going to be some issue writing to the database. When you do /sethome, the new coords are written to the database at that point. If it cannot do that, when you load the database again (on restart) it will load the old ones.

    I suggest you check the permissions on the database. Also MyHome should tell you if it was unable to write to the db.
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    The user who runs craftbukkit owns and has full access to the db file. MyHome does not state whether or not it can write to the database in any form in-game or in console. There are no errors related to MyHome in the logs whatsoever.

    Any other ideas? :p
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    how do u make this work for members? it says they dont have permission
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    im also having the same problem as xojason, ive set the permissions properly and im using the permissions 3 fix version but its still saying they dont have permission.
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    I'm using permission 3 with the fix version and all seems to be running well. I've only had myself and one other try it at the moment but there haven't been any issues yet. told everyone (via email) to try it out and let me know if anything happens.
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    any chance you can release 2.0 now or when the next RB comes out? I compiled a MyWarp 2.0 build for #920 from your source and everything works fine. DB support is greatly appreciated.
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    @Spathizilla I seem to die lately after using /home on my server. Not sure if anyone else have had that problem?

    It's like it doesnt load the chunk under me.
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    Just did a very quick bootup and functionality test for the latest recommended build #928.
    Appears to be no issues with MyHome 1.9.5 or 2.0-dev.

    Please let me know if you have issues with 928.

    Is your /home set on half blocks? There is an issue with 1.9.5 ignoring the halfblocks so you'll fall through them.

    It is literally only the "onehomeallworlds" feature which is holding things up. Annoying thing as its rather a large change heh. I am considering removing it from 2.0 and pushing it back to 2.1
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    That's exactly what I figured yesterday.
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    MyHome v2.0
    Release Candidate 1
    Download MyHome v2.0-rc1
    Release Date: 24nd June 2011

    Remember, while this is a release candidate, it is still considered as in development. Some things may break and change!!! Please report all bugs to the thread. Include the craftbukkit build you are using and the permissions plugin. Please only use this if you are aware of the risks with using development versions.

    Feel free to drop by #myseries on
    The MyHome 2.0 Readme -- It is the same info as the first post.

    Major Changes, Fixes & Additions:
    Commands and Permissions:
    Per user/group settings:
    These depend on your permissions plugin supporting them. See the documentation for your chosen permissions plugin for how to use these!
    Some help for this might be found in this post

    New Configuration Options:
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    Thank, you I'll test this right now.

    One quick question that I didn't see a quick answer to, does this support multiworld?

    Edit: It doesn't appear to. :(
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    It is multiworld aware. However, it only gives you one home for all worlds and not one home per world. That is the feature I mentioned previously which was holding up release.
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    I see. But giving one home per world is being implemented? I'd love to see the option.
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    That is the general idea.
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    Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for developments and report any bugs I find.
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    If anyone uses the per user/group costs and cooldowns, please let me know if you have any issues (or no issues) with them. They were literally the last thing I added to 2.0rc1.

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