[TP/MECH/FUN] OmegaSpout 1.1 - Spout just got a whole lot cooler. Now on BukkitDev! [Spout] [1337]

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    Spout just got a whole lot cooler
    Version 1.1

    Pictures added!

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    Thanks! :)
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    You might want to create a BukkitDev project page, and link it here. Submissions are starting to be phased out, and BukkitDev is the future of the plugin submissions.
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    Thank you, this is awsome :)
    - permissions
    - commands for toogle on/off
    - economy
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    Nice plugin !!
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    I give you a A+, Good job my friend
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    Why does every plugin have to have economy/permissions/commands? Can't we just have simple drop-in and play plugins anymore x.x

    Anyways, my feature request: A home block that teleports a player to their /home. This would be a bit more difficult to do as there are 50 different home plugins out there
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    1. Possibly.
    2. Unlikely but maybe.
    3. No.

    Indeed that would be difficult, I could maybe make it teleport them to their bed?

    Okay, I'll attempt! Is there a format for BukkitDev? Is it the same as normal bukkit plugin pages? I can't really find a how to make/what it should look like page for BukkitDev.

    *EDIT*Okay it is waiting on approval over at BukkitDev.

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    Hey could you hrlp me?
    i have perms on my server but when normal people join they cant use the block only admins can
    any ideas on how to fix this?
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    Hey this looks cool :p
    Shame I'm not using spout.. But hey, it's cool anyway!
  11. Awesome !

    Feature suggestions:
    - Custom sound
    - Disable chat message or not, Use a notification or not

    - Custom texture
    - Smoke effect
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    I honestly have no idea. It works fine on my server.

    1. No idea how to do sounds.
    2. Maybe, I'll look into it.
    3. Quite possibly.
    4. No idea how.

    The next version will include a fire elemental transformation, that can shoot fireballs!

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  13. Spout and Spoutcraft allow to play sounds in .ogg file. I'm not a developper but i'm pretty sure it's easy if you take a look at every functions.

    For the smoke effect, Bukkit can call the Minecraft effect on torches, fire, etc, wich is already inside the client.
    Exemple: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/chimneys/
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    Okay, thanks.
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    Okay, I got it to play a custom sound when activating it! Coming next version.
  16. We still have many such plugins but optional economy/permissions support is always good. ;)
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    This has permissions support [SuperPerms] but I really don't feel the need to add economy support. It is supposed to be a lightweight plugin.
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    Simply make it execute /home as the player.
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    Wouldn't that throw some NullPointerException if there was no home plugin? Also could you move this to plugin releases please?
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    Hello plugin developer,
    My name is 515Crestwood, and i have a suggestion that could earn you about $100 (donation of course) and make the plugin better for everyone. My idea would allow for more customization imaginable than ever before by simply adding a modding gui to this plugin. Spoutcraft is a seperate launcher, so as such it can have special features. My idea works like this: you have two options when entering the modding api. Change/create new item (using old item as base) or start completely fresh. If you wanted to create a new diamond sword for a questing portion of your server, you could take a diamond sword base, and add custom abilities to it that you create. Please note, that only server operators would be able to import these specific items into the server that they own/are op on, by having possibly a special code set up by the owners. The code would have to be typed in with a command such as this: /import verify (password) . This simple feature of being able to edit an item by cloning it and adding/taking away abilities would be an amazing addition to any server and make them more diverse. But what if a player of your server does not have spout, you may ask? Well the answer is simple. If the item is edited from an old item's base, simple have that item revert back to the base weapon (only for players without spout). If you use the other options of starting completely fresh with an item, say you want to create a... Endertooth pick. To start the process you take the 2D shape of the pick in the gui, then pick/make a custom skin for the item. Drag and drop the skin onto the shape of the pick and the parts that do not fit on the model will be cut off from the picture. (skins should have size arrows so that you don't cut off any part of the skin that you want/is important for look of item.) Next, create and customize the new item's statistics and abilities. The Endertooth pick could have, say, mining speed: 5 (through stone-like-blocks) and digging speed:2 (through dirt/sand, ect.) Next step would be to enchant the item (if wanted) and hit import. The import icon would appear with two boxes that needed to be filled. One saying: Server ip, and the other saying: server import password. Once this step is complete, you would get on the server that you operate/own and use the command discussed earlier. /Import verify (password). Once one more op/owner to use the said command, the server restarts, and the item imports. You would be able to access the items in-game with a command such as /imports. this would check all imported items and let you scroll through a list much like the creative mode setting and choose the item you want. But say an only two owners/ops want the new item. A command such as /import halt, would turn the import into more of a vote by the high ranking officials on said server. Majority vote wins, and an item can be de-imported later if needed. If a player on your server does not have spout, the item would use a percentage roll on what the item is when dropped for that player. If we use the Endertooth pick created before, it would have about a 2 or 3% chance to become ANY item implemented in Minecraft so far. This creation/editing gui would also work for blocks, enchantments, new ways of transportation (such as a minecart with a minigun), ect. If spout is supposed to open up minecraft, close the gap between singleplayer mods and plugins, and just overall be an amazing plugin, why would you want to put limits on it? I strongly beleive that if you make this improvement, more people will support the development of this plugin, offer help, and new suggestions. Thank you for reading this long comment, but i hope it was worth it and gave you a fresh new idea or maybe just improved upon an old one. Good luck to you and your plugin, and just message me on bukkit for any more suggestions. trust me, i got plenty.
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    long ass post ^
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    :eek:sorry, but i only read parts...

    do you want something like this?

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