Inactive [TP] EnderTeleporting v1.0 [1.4.6 R0.4]

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    [cake] EnderTeleporting version 1.0[cake]
    The EnderTeleporting plugin :D

    This plugin will allow your users to teleport to people
    or teleport them to you or really anything you can do with teleporting.

    There are permission nodes, but there is no config file.

    <font color="#33cccc">!-!-Command List-!-!</font>

    <font color="#33cccc">/endertp (Player) teleports you to a player <font color="#ff00ff"></font></font>
    <font color="#00ccff">/endertp (Player) (Player) teleport a player to another player <font color="#ff00ff"></font></font>
    <font color="#00ccff">All commands <font color="#ff00ff">enderteleport.*</font></font>

    <font color="#00ff00"><Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    <font color="#ff6600">Credits</font>

    <font color="#ff6600">Code : BaconStripsMan</font>

    <font color="#ff6600">Tester : Goharn10, BaconStripsMan</font>

    <font color="#ff6600">New Update V1.1</font>

    <font color="#ff6600">+ = added - = removed | = fixed</font>

    <font color="#ff6600">| Permission nodes working</font>

    <font color="#cc99ff">Features</font>

    <font color="#cc99ff">* Teleport to players</font>

    <font color="#cc99ff">* Teleport other people to other players</font>

    <font color="#993366">Planned</font>

    <font color="#993366">Teleport requests</font>

    <font color="#993366">Teleporting to coordinates</font>

    Permission Nodes (Not working)
    V1.1 coming soon

    New Update V1.1 1.4.6-RO.4
    Permission Nodes working

    Fixed Layout

    /endertp insted of /tp
    no such thing as /enderreload

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