Inactive [TP] BedSpawn V.01 [1.2.5-R.4]

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    I know someone by the name of Freman made a plugin like this, but many people are saying it doesn't work, and his plugin is only for R.1.

    Open to suggestions (don't count on it though, i'm new to Java, and Bukkit. I can try, but no promises)

    Version: v0.2 - UPDATE- Updated to 1.3.1 on Bukkit Dev!

    Easily teleport back to your bed.

    Have you ever been outside of your base and just realized that it is turning nighttime, but couldn't run because you were too far from base or mobs were blocking your way? Now you do not need to worry, BedSpawn is a simple plugin that allows you to type /bed in the chat and get to your bed.

    • Easily teleport back to your bed.
    • Anyone can use (no permissions)
    • No special installation!
    How to use:

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    Title needs to be something like [TP] BedSpawn v1.0 [1.2.5-R4.0]
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    I have updated it on the Bukkit Dev, but I can not change the title. Can you fix it to say V0.2 [1.3.1-R.1]?

    This file also works on 1.3.2, even though it is not included as an option on game version.

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