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    Hey guys, I hate to post a help thread for this, but I need it.
    I need a plugin for people to claim land and keep it as theirs, so I got Towny. But I dont like how Towny works. It always says "A new day , taxes have been collected" and I dont want that to show up. Second, I want a basic survival plugin like Towny, but not with the taxes, or mayors.

    So basically
    -Disable global "A new day" Message
    -Best Survival (anti-griefing too) plugin
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    world guard is a great anti-griefing plugin.

    Also towny is a good plugin. Why don't u want mayors or taxes?

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    To disable taxes open the towny config.yml and find the daily_taxes section and set the enabled: part to false.

    There is no way to not have mayors.
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    I don't exactly HATE the Mayor system, I just HATE the daily taxes, thank you (again) LlmDl for the help!!
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