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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Freedomna, Oct 12, 2012.

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    I am currently making a bukkit server and I wish to add towny to it, however every single time I have tried to add towny I have gotten loads of problems (users not being able to build being one of them) so I am here to ask the experts if they can help me add permissions to towny. I am just starting to be able to wrap my head around the PermissionsBukkit.jar Plugin so please explain the easiest way to set this up.

    All I want players to be able to do is the simple living inside the town (become citizens and what not) I want the founding of the town and managing it to be left with Staff

    My permissions:
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    permissions: true
    essentials.spawn: true
    essentials.rules: true
    essentials.motd: true
    essentials.list: true
    essentials.helpop: true true true
    essentials.sethome: true
    essentials.signs.use.*: true
    essentials.suicide: true
    essentials.ban: true
    essentials.ban.notify: true
    essentials.banip: true
    essentials.broadcast: true
    essentials.clearinventory: true
    essentials.delwarp: true true
    essentials.ext: true
    essentials.getpos: true
    essentials.helpop.recieve: true
    essentials.home.others: true
    essentials.invsee: true
    essentials.jails: true
    essentials.jump: true
    essentials.kick: true
    essentials.kick.notify: true
    essentials.kill: true
    essentials.mute: true
    essentials.nick.others: true
    essentials.realname: true
    essentials.setwarp: true
    essentials.signs.create.*: true
    essentials.signs.break.*: true
    essentials.spawner: true
    essentials.thunder: true
    essentials.time: true
    essentials.time.set: true
    essentials.protect.alerts: true
    essentials.protect.admin: true
    essentials.protect.ownerinfo: true
    essentials.ptime: true
    essentials.ptime.others: true
    essentials.togglejail: true true true
    essentials.tphere: true
    essentials.tppos: true
    essentials.tptoggle: true
    essentials.unban: true
    essentials.unbanip: true true
    essentials.whois: true true
    essentials.worlds.*: true
    essentials.setspawn: true
    essentials.backup: true
    - Default

    # Double negation
    -essentials.backup: false
    -essentials.essentials: false
    -essentials.setspawn: false
    -essentials.reloadall: false

    - Staff
    build: '&cYou do not have permission to build here.'
    debug: false
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