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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Thecheatgamer1, Jun 23, 2012.

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    Iv got these chat plugins

    Essentials Chat

    I want all my chats to look like this

    [G] [Owner] Thecheatgamer1 : Message
    so its like Channel Then Group The Name Then Message
    But it does it like this

    Op chat :
    [G] [Owner] Thecheatgamer1 : Message
    Non Op Chat :
    Owner Thecheatgamer1 : Message

    and also want the colours for all channels names and groups to show up

    iv tryed everything

    iv got all the latest versions of all 3 plugins
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    will anyone help please
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    Well firstly, There isnt a need for three chat plugins.
    I would advise just using townychat.
    The config can be found at (/plugins/towny/chatconfig.yml)
    Under the global chat format section:
    Have it set to the following:
    {channeltag} {permprefix} {displayname}: {msg}
    A full list of the flags can be found in the config file.
    Hope this helped.
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    So what shall i put if iv got group manager and when it to look likt this

    [G] [Admin]

    or [G] [Moderator]

    i also want it to show the groups colour what iv set in group manager
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    I have the same problem...If i try using towny chat though it's all White even when i OP. I had it set correctly but then i had the problem of no one being able to read general chat... so my friend who helped me set up the server started if fresh again and now i have no idea what to do.
  6. Here guys I had this once make the admin and mod channels admin and mod instead of default that will fix your problem!
  7. and make the channel for general general
  8. heres my channels.yml

    # This file contains all configuration data for channels
    # The formating for them remains in the Towny Config and world files
    # so they can still be used on a per world basis.

    # Channels are toggleable using any of the commands listed
    # eg. /tc (would put you in town chat)
    # doing it again would take you out
    # So long as you had the permission node for that channel.

    # The channel type is either GLOBAL, TOWN, NATION or DEFAULT.
    # These specify what chat formating section they will use
    # and where the chat will go
    # (town goes to all town residents, depending on the range setting)

    # channeltag is applied if the chat format for that channel has the {channelTag}

    # messagecolour sets the colour of the message when sent.

    # range is a setting which allows greater control over each channel.
    # this will set the maximum distance between players who can hear the message.
    # range is in blocks (if set to a limit).
    # -1 = no limits
    # 0 = same world only
    # any positive value = limited range in the same world.

    # Text colouring
    # --------------
    # Black = &0, Navy = &1, Green = &2, Blue = &3, Red = &4
    # Purple = &5, Gold = &6, LightGray = &7, Gray = &8
    # DarkPurple = &9, LightGreen = &a, LightBlue = &b
    # Rose = &c, LightPurple = &d, Yellow = &e, White = &f

    commands: [g]
    type: GLOBAL
    channeltag: '&f[g]'
    messagecolour: '&f'
    permission: ''
    craftIRCTag: 'admin'
    range: '-1'

    commands: [tc]
    type: TOWN
    channeltag: '&f[&3TC&f]'
    messagecolour: '&b'
    permission: ''
    craftIRCTag: 'admin'
    range: '-1'

    commands: [nc]
    type: NATION
    channeltag: '&f[&6NC&f]'
    messagecolour: '&e'
    permission: ''
    craftIRCTag: 'admin'
    range: '-1'

    commands: [a,admin]
    type: ADMIN
    channeltag: '&f[&4ADMIN&f]'
    messagecolour: '&c'
    permission: ''
    craftIRCTag: 'admin'
    range: '-1'

    commands: [m,mod]
    type: MOD
    channeltag: '&f[&9MOD&f]'
    messagecolour: '&5'
    permission: ''
    craftIRCTag: 'admin'
    range: '-1'

    commands: [l,lc]
    type: LOCAL
    channeltag: '&f[local]'
    messagecolour: '&f'
    permission: ''
    craftIRCTag: 'admin'
    range: '100'
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    This will fix the white name error even when i OP them? And what about the color group thing from GroupManager?
  10. if not a diffrent chat plugin is your issue townychat is the ops cant be seen and no color thing
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    I have townychat and essentials.
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    Plus now i have the stupid <Soraffe> beside my name when i talk.
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    and i can't figure out how to make GroupManager go back to /manuadd Soraffe owner and my name changes to the color assigned to owner and likewise to my other groups.
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    have you removed/disabled esschat and herochat, then?

    paste your channel format, cant find it in the config, aswell as your groups.yml of GM
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    Meaning?? I'm new to this whole thing
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    I don't have essential chat, nor herochat. The only chat plugin i have is towny chat
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    hello i have a problem too, i got towny caht but it's not working properly, as it is not giving me the chat commands like /lc and /tc etc
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