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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Raxit, Feb 19, 2018.

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    Okay so here the thing. Me and a few friends are starting up a server. We have come to the conclusion that we want a towny server but there is one issue. We all find the towny plugin that already exists rather bad do to the inability to create custom plots, join more than one town and to have more plots on the same are which would mean that you can build apartments. I personally donĀ“t know if there exist addons for towny to fix this or if a completely new plugin needs to be created.

    Also if a new plugin has to be created will this plugin need its own economics and sign shop to work properly.

    Thanks on for hand!

    To clarify. My questions are:

    1: Is there more than only the towny plugin that creates the possibility for towns and economy?
    2: If not what would it take to create a new towny plugin where I can customize the size of my plots, create more plots in the same block radius on different heights to create apartments and the possibility to join and build in more than one town?
    2.1:Will there also be a need for a new currency and sign shop system?
    3: If a new towny plugin is needed how long time would it take to create?


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    First of all, a plugin doesnt have to make it own economy. There is Economys' APIs such as Vault and iConomy that can be used instead of creating your own economy.

    1. No idea.

    2. To create a plugin based on this that you've said, you would need pretty much Java and Bukkit notions. Look for tutorials outside for Java then learn Bukkit. It could help you a lot!
    2.1 As i said before, i dont think so.

    3. It depends, you could take a year, a month, a week. Some people would take less time than others, all depends on you, and your learning! Good luck with your project, mate.
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