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    Plugin category: PVP

    Minecraft version: 1.8.x

    Suggested name: TOPKILLSTEAK

    What I want: Id like it to a plugin is TOPKILLSTREAK the plugin is very simaple the plugin is
    streak record that a sign or npc hold the top 1 get killstreaks like is the record for killstreaks
    and is automatiec restart every 1 kill to see if some one break the record and this player will automatic will replace to top 1 npc or sign

    Ideas for commands: /killstreakrecord

    Ideas for permissions: killstreak.record
    When I'd like it by: When As Possible
    and thanks
    i wish i get replies that make me happy
    thanks all best wishes
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @katheryn What does the command do?
    What does the permission do?
    How do you set a sign or NPC?
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    command is to show the top 1 killstreak
    permissions to set a npc or sign
    if sign i will type in a sign some thing lik
    and it automatic abear his name and head and kills he get
    and or he npc that will be a command
    and this permissions will be
    and any player can see the top record in a command /killstreak record
    without permissions
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    @katheryn How do you create the NPC? Is it using Citizens? What does "/topkillstreakset" do exactly?
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    I'd like this plugin, but instead it displays the top killers with their heads and a sign under the head saying what position they're in and how many kills they have.
    Also monthly rewards and monthly reset.
    im happy to reply for more info
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