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    Plugin category: kills

    Minecraft version: 1.8.x

    Suggested name: TOPKILLSNPC

    What I want: i want a top kills npc plugin that is very simple just a npc hold the skin and name and kills number for the top killer in server and its 3 tops
    top1 killer
    top2 killer
    top3 killer
    and it automatic change as the kill number just like if some one name is player1 and he get 5 kills
    and player2 get 4 kills and player 3 get 3 kills
    the player1 his sskin and name and kills number will showen on npc on the location i will select it and
    the player2 will be in the top2 in npc same the player1
    and the player3 with 3 kills will be in the last top3 same the player 1 and 2
    and if another player like player10 get 20 kills he will be in top1 npc with his name and kills number and his skin automatic

    Ideas for commands: any or /top1 set
    /top2 set
    /top3 set
    to set the npc place
    Ideas for permissions: topnpc.set

    When I'd like it by: Whenever is convenient! I'm very grateful for any help I receive and I know people are volunteering their own time here.

    Thank you soooo much for all your help in advance, I really appreciate it.
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